About Us

Auto Lab Advisor was formed by Dan and Joshua as a destination for all your car-related queries.

Dan has been a car enthusiast his whole life, which led to his decade-long career in the automotive industry. Being actively involved in the industry, he saw a clear gap between the manufacturers’ guide on HOW TOs and their consumers. To fill this void, Dan partnered up with Joshua, an automobile engineer and a friend of 20 years to form Auto Lab Advisor in 2022.

At Auto Lab Advisor, we provide car buying guides and informative content about car oil, fluid, oil filter, diesel, fuel, battery, spark plugs, and much more in the form of small and on-point blog posts that are curated personally by our Co-Founders. Being the one-stop hub for auto knowledge, our goal is to offer accurate and descriptive solutions to your car-related needs.

We believe that your car is more than a car. That’s why we give importance to every small detail and make sure you are getting the information specific to your vehicle.

We have highly qualified and experienced authors who have years of quality experience in the automotive industry and regularly deal with various car issues. Besides, we have engineers and a dedicated research team to help the authors with valid data and expert opinions. So, we can guarantee you that you’ll get up-to-date information about cars and car parts.

If you’re a new car owner or don’t know much about cars, Auto Lab Advisor is the ultimate auto knowledge hub for you. Because here, you’ll get to learn in detail about car oil, diesel, fuel, battery, spark plugs, fluids, etc.

Here, you can learn how these things contribute to your car’s wellbeing, how they should be maintained as well as what to do when these break down. Even if you are not particularly a handy person, our easy-to-understand blogs and How-To articles will guide you through the process and make sure you get the job done.

At Auto Lab Advisor, all the contents are backed by proper research and industry experience. We don’t rely on 3rd-party testing and research. We have a dedicated team and facility to come to our own conclusion. Our aim is to make the Auto Lab Advisor a knowledge hub for all car-related queries.

You can reach us at [email protected] for business inquiries and collaboration.