Why Does Oil Pressure Drop When Engine Is Hot?

why does oil pressure drop when engine is hot

Motor oil plays a vital role in keeping moving parts lubricated & saving them from damage. The oil has to be circulated throughout those moving parts with the power of oil pressure. That being said, keeping the oil pressure right …

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How Much is Ford v10 Oil Capacity?

ford v10 oil capacity

Every car engine requires the right amount and type of oil to deliver peak performance. It is no exception for Ford v10 also. When you need optimum performance from your Ford engine, ensure the fuel tank is full according to …

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Why Is Porsche Oil Change So Expensive?

why are porsche oil changes so expensive

Porsche is one of the most luxurious car brands of all time. From the purchase to the maintenance, everything is more expensive than a traditional commercial car. There are certain things you’ll have to do regularly & oil change is …

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Can I Use 80W90 Instead Of 75W90?

can i use 80w90 instead of 75w90

Gear oil plays a vital role in decreasing friction of the internal components. There are three types of oil available in the market, such as – Synthetic, Semi-synthetic & Mineral oil. Synthetic oil costs the most & mineral costs the …

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