What to Do When You Can’t Get Oil Cap Off

can t get oil cap off

You have decided to drain the oil from your vehicle. But suddenly, you notice that you can’t get the oil cap off. In this situation, should you pull the plug off the drain or take your vehicle to the mechanic …

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Can Gear Oil Be Recycled with Motor Oil?

can gear oil be recycled with motor oil

Transmission oil and motor oil smoothen the vehicle’s operation and increase the vehicle’s longevity. After using these oils in the vehicle, it needs to be disposed of or recycled. But often, car owners don’t understand how to safely dispose of …

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Can I Use GL5 Gear Oil Instead of GL4?

can i use gl5 gear oil instead of gl4

Gear oil’s job is to smoothen your vehicle’s transmission. Besides, it protects your car’s internal components from wear and tear. But before using any gear oil, you’ll have to check the GL rating. Higher GL rating indicates that it has …

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Can You Use Dexos Oil in Any Car?

can you use dexos oil in any car

General Motors is knowns for its superior quality engines and high-performance vehicles. To revolutionize the driving experience, GM has invented Dexos oil. Dexos oil is synthetic engine oil, which increases the mileage, extends the drain interval, and cleans the motor. …

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