Why is My 2012 Ford Edge Low Oil Pressure? [Reasons and Solution]

Reliability is one of the crucial things that everyone wants from their car. One of the severe issues that can happen in a 2012 Ford Edge is the low oil pressure.

The reasons for low oil pressure in a 2012 Ford Edge are low oil level, deposits in the oil, jammed filter, bad oil pump, etc. Happily, the fixation of this complication is not a troublesome one.

You need to be fully well aware of the 2012 Ford Edge low oil pressure causes. Thus, solving the issue will be easier. Continue reading to learn more on this topic.

Why is My 2012 Ford Edge Low Oil Pressure?

When you notice that the oil pressure gauge detects low oil, consider it a real or inaccurate reading. There are so many reasons for the 2012 Ford Edge’s low oil pressure, which are described below briefly. These causes are also responsible for Ford 5.4 engine’s low oil pressure.

2012 ford edge low oil pressure

Lack of Oil in the Engine

After adding oil following the right capacity during the oil change, you might think everything is OK. But things can be different if you see low oil pressure in the gauge. Now, the oil level can reduce because of evaporation, leaks in the seals, or burning caused by damaged piston rings.

Moreover, the old engine consumes more oil than required. Oil burns more in the old engine. If you see that your engine is consuming a qt. of oil every 1,000 – 2,000 miles, troubleshooting is a must. In this case, check the oil level periodically. This will give you an idea of whether your Ford Engine lacks oil.

Furthermore, if you experience oil drops on the floor, check for the leaking area and fix it as soon as possible.

Too Low or High Viscosity Rating

When the oil viscosity rating is too high or low, you will detect low oil pressure.

Due to low viscosity, the engine parts will show performance with less resistance, translating as low pressure at the pressure sensor or gauge.

On the other hand, too high viscosity is also bad. It creates resistance between the engine metal parts, causing low oil pressure. Additionally, higher viscosity is a concern during start-ups at low temperatures.

In this case, there is no other option except using the manufacturer-recommended oil for the 2012 Ford Edge.

Faulty Oil Pump

The responsibility of the oil pump is to take the oil from the oil pan and pump it through the engine of the 2012 Ford Edge. When it damages, the oil pump shows poor performance.

Generally, oil pumps consist of a screen, blocking the large debris. However, the tiniest particles can enter through the screen and lessen the pump capacity.

Air Particles in Oil

Another major cause is the aeration of the oil. If the oil level is low in the pan, there is a big chance that air particles will get mixed with the oil. This is pretty similar to the gathered foam on top of the beer. Oil shows different characteristics when it gets foamy.

Foam can also generate on the oil surface due to too much oil. Checking and ensuring the correct oil level is the best option to avoid foam buildup on the oil.

Dirty Oil or Engine

A periodic oil change is a must for every engine and is no exception for the 2012 Ford Edge. If you fail to do it, be sure the engine particles and the oil will get dirty. Also, dirt will form inside the crankcase. Moreover, the oil will get too dirty that it will not cycle thoroughly into the engine parts, causing low oil pressure.

So, check the quality of the oil regularly. In the case of dark or dirty oil, change it immediately with the manufacturer-recommended oil type.

Jammed Oil Filter

Regular attention is necessary for the oil filter. Oil filters clean out the dust, debris, and other harmful particles from oil and keep the engine wear and tear-free. It can clog with these deposits and sludges.

So, it would always be best to change the oil filter at the time of the oil change. Thus, the oil filter will not clog frequently, and the oil level will be retained between the oil replacement intervals.

Internal or External Oil Leaks

Car engines are susceptible to oil leaks, which is true for the 2012 Ford Edge. However, that doesn’t mean if you maintain periodic oil changes, you will experience oil or other fluid leaks.

In reality, if you don’t change the oil and choose the right oil type following the manufacturer’s recommendation, oil leaks will appear frequently.

Besides, when you don’t change the oil for several days, the engine will overheat and cause an oil leak.

What are the Signs of 2012 Low Oil Pressure?

By now, you already know that low oil pressure is bad for the 2012 Ford Edge. Now, how will you know that your Ford has low oil pressure? Below are some of the symptoms of low oil pressure in Ford 5.8  and 2012 Ford Edge.

  • Oil Light Turns on the Dashboard: Your 2012 Ford oil pressure warning light will turn on when it detects low oil pressure. So, when you see the turned-on light in the dashboard, seek service from a professional without being late.
  • Engine Noise: Because of the low oil pressure, you will hear unusual sounds or noise from your 2012 Ford Edge engine.
  • The smell of Burnt Oil: Since internal or external oil leak is a prime reason for low oil pressure, the leaked oil will burn when in contact with hot surfaces like the exhaust pipe and leave a burning smell.
  • Overheated Engine: 2012 Ford Edge engine is engineered to operate in a specific temperature range. The Ford Edge engine can overheat for low oil pressure and stop running.

Why is Oil Pressure Important?

Smooth and efficient running of the engine relies on the oil pressure significantly.

An engine is a complex machinery that requires a lot of power to run a car. Correct oil type and capacity ensure that the engine has well-lubricated metal parts and can perform efficiently.

Oil flow builds up pressure inside the engine. This pressure lets the flow in every part of an engine and continues flowing.

The drop in this pressure means the engine parts are not getting enough oil to contact each other smoothly, resulting in warping, friction, breaking, or sealing of the engine parts. Finally, you will end up with a damaged engine.

That is why keeping an eye on the oil pressure is mandatory. If you see that the warning lights turn on, stop running your vehicle, check the problem and solve the oil pressure issue.

What are the Results of the 2012 Ford Edge Low Oil Pressure?

Now one question might have popped up in your mind – what happens when the 2012 Ford Edge oil pressure is low?

  • Degradation of the Engine Performance: When oil pressure is low, different engine parts, named bearings, camshafts, pistons, valves, etc., will not be well-lubricated. Thus, meta-to-metal contact with other parts will happen. In the end, instant degradation of the engine will occur.
  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency: Low oil pressure is one of the biggest reasons for the reduced oil efficiency. Also, power loss, inefficient engine performance, and engine stalling result from Ford Edge’s low oil pressure.

The reality is, with low oil pressure, your 2012 Ford Edge will not run for long.


What is the standard oil pressure of the 2012 Ford Edge?

According to the 2012 Ford Edge specs, the normal oil pressure is 29-60 psi @ 2,000 rpm at operating temperature.

How long can you drive with a 2012 Ford Edge with low oil pressure?

Driving a 2012 Ford Edge is completely prohibited with low oil pressure. Moreover, you can drive a maximum of half an hour.

How to test low oil pressure in the 2012 Ford Edge?

You can measure your Ford Edge 2012 oil pressure by following the below steps.
1. The pressure gauge needs to be connected.
2. Run the engine, and let it warm up for a minimum of 15 minutes or until it reaches the average operating temperature.
3. Continue running the engine with more than 2000 RPM. Check the pressure from the pressure gauge and note it down. If the pressure falls between the normal values, your 2012 Ford Edge oil pressure is perfect.

How to fix low oil pressure in the 2012 Ford Edge?

Before looking for the low oil pressure solution, identifying the cause is the first thing that needs to be done. The root cause will lead you to the fixation. So, proper diagnosis is necessary to find the 2012 Ford Edge low oil pressure solution.

Last Notes

You mustn’t overlook the 2012 Ford Edge low oil pressure problem. Proper troubleshooting, attending to the problem, and solving it will ensure the long-term performance of your vehicle.

I started with all the possible reasons and solutions to this problem. However, the best thing is to consult a mechanic to fix the problem.

Dan Jones is a car enthusiast and has been involved in the automotive industry for the last 10 years. He has a practical knowledge of vehicles and vehicle parts. Besides, he spends most of his time in the garage and deals with various car problems.