Are AC Delco Oil Filters Good & Should You Buy Them?

The oil filter does an excellent job supplying clean oil to the engine. This clean oil is crucial because the engine lubrication process is done by it. However, choosing the correct oil filter is as important as selecting the correct oil.

You might have already heard about the name AC Delco from someone or somewhere around. Don’t worry if your brain is searching for the answer to “Are AC Delco Oil Filters Good?” I’ve got you covered.

Shortly Describing, yes AC Delco oil filters are excellent options for those who are on a budget & need something from a top-rated company. Managed by GM (General Motors) & with decades of experience – you’re sure to have top-notch oil filters from AC Delco.

The above-mentioned short part was to satisfy your curiosity; let’s dive into the detailed part so you can imagine the bigger picture. Without further ado, let’s get started:

AC Delco History: Know The Behind Scene

AC Delco has a long history & in the meantime, this company had various names such as – United Motors Corporation, United Delco, and United Motors Service. AC Delco isn’t something that was created at a time.

First, United Motors was Founded in 1911 by William C. Durant & started to grow stronger when General Motors acquired it in 1918. Later on, GM merged one of their other brands named “AC Spark Plug Division” with United Motors & named it AC Delco.

In summary, AC stands for AC Spark Plug Division & Delco stands for United Delco. Over the period, AC Delco has gained massive popularity due to its affordability & price-to-performance ratio.

are ac delco oil filters good

Does AC Delco Oil Filter Ensure Good Quality?

Yes, it does ensure good quality. You’ll see differences in some aspects if you closely observe AC Delco oil filters. AC Delco has some unique mechanisms such as – Bypass Safety Filter, Adhesive Free Build & So on. I’ll talk about them more in the next segment.

Top Six Reasons Why You Should Buy AC Delco Oil Filters

There are many reasons behind recommending AC Delco to the general mass. I’ll be stating six reasons why AC Delco deserves a try from you. Let’s get started:

Budget-Friendly Option

You can have AC Delco oil filters within a $10 budget. Trust me, all of them do the work correctly. All you need to do is choose the right fit for your vehicle.

Supported To GM & Non-GM Vehicle

You already know AC Delco is owned by GM, aka General Motors. Fortunately, AC Delco manufactures oil filters for non-GM vehicle models as well.

Top-Notch Quality

Though AC Delco is focusing on making budget-friendly oil filters, they are paying attention to the quality. The oil filters are made with quality materials & their long-lasting tendency proves the quality.

Lasts For a Long Period

Each AC Delco oil filter may last 3,000 to 7,000 miles – depending on your driving habit. Change your oil filters every 3,000 miles for optimum engine performance.

Adhesive Free Build

The adhesive in oil filters isn’t something you should be scared of. However, if the build is adhesive-free – then it is a plus point as the oil filter will remain in shape for a more extended period.

Like AC Delco, Denso Oil Filter also makes adhesive-free oil filters.

ByPass Safety Filter

There is a switch on the front of the filter, and all it does is release oil to the engine when the oil filter itself isn’t working correctly. It’s like the escape gate for you to reach your desired location for changing the oil filter.

That was all about the good things about the AC Delco oil filter. If you’re convinced, you may order one for yourself now. Or, keep reading this article to know more about AC Delco.

Additional Information To Consider While Buying AC Delco

You might have several options in hand & it is almost impossible for someone to suggest something to you without properly inspecting your vehicle. You should call the mechanic & ask for his suggestion on which oil filter you should have.

Alternatives Of AC Delco: Which One Should You Choose?

There are many alternatives available that you can use instead of AC Delco. Namely, they are – Wix Oil Filter, K&N Oil Filter & Fram.

AC Delco Oil Filter Vs Wix

Wix oil filter is the supreme option here. If you can extend your budget by a couple of bucks, you can have a Wix oil filter which is greater in quality. Otherwise, sticking with AC Delco will be similar in user experience.

AC Delco Oil Filter Vs K&N

K&N oil filter is known for its easy-to-install mechanism, and AC Delco is also an easy-to-install oil filter that anyone can install on their own. I would suggest getting the one which suits your budget – because both offer the same quality.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Who Makes AC Delco Oil Filters?

General Motors (GM) owns AC Delco. However, most of the AC Delco oil filters are manufactured by Fram. That being said – Fram corporation makes AC Delco oil filters.

Can I Use AC Delco Oil Filters In Non-GM vehicles?

Yes, you can use AC Delco oil filters in Non-GM vehicles. Though General Motors (GM) owns AC Delco, they also manufacture oil filters for Non-GM vehicles. That’s why you can use AC Delco oil filters in Non-GM vehicles.

Who Is More Budget-friendly K&N or AC Delco?

The average K&N oil filter costs around $15, whereas AC Delco does it within a $10 budget. That said, AC Delco is a more budget-friendly option than the K&N oil filter.


I hope this article was helpful enough to clear your doubt regarding AC Delco oil filters. Now you know if AC Delco filters are good or not. If you’re still confused about which brand to go with – reread this article.

I have explained everything top to bottom & there is a very slim chance of having confusion about AC Delco oil filters. That was all about the AC Delco oil filter quality & its legendary history.

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