Are K&N Oil Filters Good & Should You Buy It?

The oil acts as the lifeblood of an engine & the oil filter filtrates this valuable fluid. An oil filter filters this valuable fluid & that’s why it’s a significant part of the engine.

Fortunately, brands like K&N, Oem, and others have taken the initiative to innovate the oil filter for maximum filtration. Talking about K&N, if you are confused about their quality & asking – are K&N oil filters good, then this article is for you.

In this article, I will mention why I consider K&N a balanced option for almost everyone. If you’re in a rush & want to have a glimpse of K&N, here it is:

Are K&N Oil Filters Good

Yes, K&N oil filters are excellent & you surely won’t regret spending money on this 50-year-old company. Their expertise speaks for itself in the form of their quality products.

K&N History: Rise Of K&N Oil Filters

The K&N company was founded back in the ’60s. However, it started emphasizing the automotive industry in the ’70s. After the 70s, K&N hasn’t looked back for the last 50 years.

Currently, K&N manufactures air filters, oil filters, cold air intake, home air filters & so on. K&N is currently manufacturing over 12,000 products for their brand & serving over 90 countries. Among everything else, the oil filters stand out most of the time.

In 2016, K&N company was acquired by Goldman Sachs. However, the main objective of K&N company remains the same, which is – to introduce user-friendly toys for students & existing users.

are k&n oil filters good

Is K&N Oil Filter Good Quality?

Yes, the K&N oil filter is of good quality. If you have used their products such as Air Filter or Oil Filter, you could easily judge them. Long story short – K&N genuinely cares for their customers & tries to bring the best price-to-performance ratio products.

You Should Buy K&N Oil Filter: 4 Reasons To Buy It

Yes, you’ve heard it right, you should buy a K&N oil filter & I’ve four reasons in favor of my statement. Here are the four reasons why you should get a K&N oil filter:

User-Friendly: Easy To Install

The key difference between K&N and Wix is the ease of installation. Installing the oil filter of K&N is pretty straightforward & there is little to zero chance of messing up something.

It’s to the company’s credit that they have made oil filters in such a way that any person can install them easily. If every other oil filter competitor follows K&N’s path, all consumers will surely enjoy the benefit.

Independent Oil Compatibility

Don’t worry about buying specific types of oil with your K&N oil filter. Everything goes buttery smooth with the K&N oil filter from full synthetic to conventional oil.

Balanced: Perfect Price To Performance Ratio

Indeed, K&N oil filters are not cheap, but they are also not unreasonably expensive. I notice some people still complain about the price – but they are very little in amount.

In my perspective, K&N is doing a great job offering products that are both good & affordable. For this reason alone, the K&N company deserves a shout-out from each of its customers. 

Long-Lasting: More Lifetime Than Others

Changing the oil & oil filter every 3,000 miles is the healthiest thing you can do. However, you may not want to change that frequently. Don’t worry; K&N got your back.

You don’t have to worry about oil filters changing till you’ve traveled 10,000 miles with K&N. After (or before) traveling this certain distance, you should get your oil filter changed as soon as possible.

K&N Comparison: Different Categories Of K&N Oil Filters

There are various kinds of K&N oil filters available in the market. However, we can sort them into three categories – Silver, Gold & Heavy-Duty. Here are some short descriptions of the mentioned categories: 

  • Silver: Costs around $8. The silver category oil filter is for you if you want the best-balanced product.
  • Gold: Costs around $15. This oil filter ensures the best performance in exchange for extra bucks compared to the Silver category.
  • Heavy-Duty: Can Cost from $20 to $130. Depending on your truck size & kind, the oil filter will change along with the price.

Are K&N Oil Filters Worth It?

Yes, absolutely. If you are looking for a reliable oil filter option & don’t mind spending a couple of bucks more, then the K&N oil filter would be a perfect option. I promise you won’t regret spending money on K&N.

Additional Information To Consider While Using K&N

Don’t forget to read the user manual carefully before installing the oil filter on your own. If you don’t follow them, you may cry in some Reddit or forum posts saying K&N is bad or has harmed your engine.

What Are The Alternatives To K&N Oil Filter?

There are several alternatives to K&N oil filters, such as Mobil 1, Oem, Genuine, etc. You can use any of the other options if they meet your desired requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How Long Does K&N Oil Filter Last?

Depending on your usage pattern, you can expect at least 7,500 to 10,000 miles in a lifetime with a K&N oil filter. In short – best case scenario is 10,000 miles & the worst-case scenario is 7,500 miles.

Which One Is Better, K&N or Wix?

Wix oil filter is excellent for synthetic oil. However other types of oil are also supported, but they aren’t efficient enough. On the other hand, K&N is equally efficient with all kinds of synthetic or conventional oil; This trait alone makes K&N the winner.

Who Makes K&N Oil Filter?

K&N Engineering Inc manufactures K&N oil filters, and they have been in the automotive industry since the 70s. However, this whole K&N company was acquired by Goldman Sachs in 2016.


I hope this article was helpful enough to understand why the K&N oil filter is a comparatively better option for you. If you’re still confused about whether or not K&N filters are good – listen to me & try one K&N oil filter once.

I can assure you that you won’t look back after you’re fully comfortable with the K&N oil filter. From longer lifetimes to decent pricing, K&N is doing great in every perspective.

Dan Jones is a car enthusiast and has been involved in the automotive industry for the last 10 years. He has a practical knowledge of vehicles and vehicle parts. Besides, he spends most of his time in the garage and deals with various car problems.