Can You Reuse Oil Drain Plug Gasket? Here’s The Right Time To Change It

The internet and its car forums are divided when it comes to giving a verdict on the use and reuse of oil gaskets for their cars. Some car owners wonder why it is necessary to use a new oil drain plug gasket each time you’re changing oil.

On another side, the other half of these car owners have the exact opposite question in wonder: can you reuse oil drain plug gasket? The answer is, yes. There are some who do use their crush washers repeatedly. And then there are others who buy these in bulk and replace them during every other oil change.

Since the former kind has still been able to use their vehicles without performance damage, it is safe to say that the gasket may be​​​​​​ reused a couple of times before you need to change it.

can you reuse oil drain plug gasket

Can You Reuse Oil Drain Plug Gasket?

Yes. You can reuse the oil drain plug gasket that you have in your car.

It is not uncommon for people to use their cars with the same factory one that they first received with the car for more than 70k miles–sometimes even double that mileage, without seeing any visible anomalies in the engine or its performance.

But after 70k miles, these same users typically change their gaskets, so it has become an unspoken rule of needing to change the gasket after you’re past that 70k mile mark.

But there are also people who want their peace of mind and cannot live with the constant worrying if their gasket is going to survive the next oil change. As you know, the oil gasket can get deformed with time for the continual torquing/un-torquing (especially so if you are putting variable torques on it each time from the different service providers or dealerships).

This creates an uneven sealing surface forcing it to bear more torque than it should. By this argument, the other half of the users are against the reuse of gaskets and according to them, your gasket should not be used more than once.

So you would be wiser to cut down on expensive car servicing costs rather than not spending on something costing less than a dollar. Check out these cool Dorman 65292 Aluminum Drain Plug gaskets if you are on team 2.

The middle ground would be to use your gasket 2-3 times before replacing it if you really do want to reuse it and have not seen any leak on the previous change.

Make sure to check for drips at the drain plug consistently between regular oil changes. The re-use and over-tightening will visibly flatten the gasket after a couple of oil changes, and that should be your cue to stop reusing it if you are doing so.

What Is A Drain Plug Gasket?

A drain plug gasket is a part of your car engine that seals the drain plug which is located under the oil pan holding the engine oil. If you see any oil leakage from the oil pan, it is likely from the leaky drain plug gasket.

How Often Should You Be Changing Your Oil Drain Plug?

Your oil drain plug does not need changing very often. In fact, it should last you as long as the engine itself does, given that you maintain the proper torque each time during the oil change. People have been known to keep the oil drain plug without changing it for as long as 20 years.

Do You Need To Change Your Oil Drain Plug Gasket Every Time?

Depending on what type of oil gasket you have on your vehicle oil pan, this will be decided. If it is not leaking or showing any other thinning issue, you can reuse it. However, if it is a single-use one like some copper washers are, you need not reuse them and instead replace them at every oil change.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Your Gasket Drain Plug?

Generally, you will need to be paying between $100 to $350 depending on your dealers.

But, if you have newer models of these brands, then you might have to pay more. At local servicing shops, you might need to pay between $40 to $150 for the replacement. While the gasket itself is a tiny thing that does not nearly cost 1/4th of it, the labor itself is quite intense for this task.

Do You Replace The Oil Drain Plug Gasket Every Time You Change The Oil For Your Honda?

Yes. On Your Hondas, you need to change the oil plug gasket each time you do an oil replacement.

Honda calls it the “crush washer” and it is mandated to be replaced each time you do the oil change. While you may still reuse it a couple of times before it starts to leak, why take the risk of dripping oil when you can get them for so cheap?

Hence the only reason you may reuse these washers on your Honda is when you forget to get a new one.

Also, make sure you get the real washers by Nissan, Toyota or Honda when you do the gasket replacement as the generic washers are not as soft.


Can you reuse the drain plug washer?

Yes. You can reuse the drain plug crush washers only a couple of times before you need to change it. The wiser idea is to use them less than 5 times unless your engine is a Honda. In that case, 2-3 times before replacement is enough reuse.

Are oil drain plug gaskets considered universal?

You will find both direct and universal plug gaskets available on the market. At every oil change, upon the observance of leakage and need a replacement is recommended with a proper fit of the drain plug.

Do you need to replace the oil drain plug gasket?

Depending on whether it is a single-use or reusable type, you need to replace the oil drain plug gasket. If it is thicker and reusable, you don’t need to replace it every time you change the engine oil.

How often should you replace the crush washer?

The crush washers by Honda should be replaced each time you are doing the oil change, as recommended by them.

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