Ford f150 Oil Light Comes On and Off: How to Fix It?

Ford f150 oil light comes on and off, what’s wrong? This problem will be a nightmare if you don’t fix it in time. Sometimes the car owner may not notice the light is frequently flicking. It leads to major issues.  

The light indicator helps us to know the condition of our car’s oil level. There are some common reasons behind these conditions. It can happen due to a problem with the oil pressure sensor, a loose connection or even a loose hose. Moreover, it can happen due to an electrical issue.

ford f150 oil light comes on and off

What Does It Mean When the Ford F150 Oil Light Comes On and Off?

Some ford f150 owners complained on a forum that there is a light coming on and off. It means that there is something wrong with the engine oil system.

Sometimes the loose connection of the oil pressure sensor can cause this problem. When we are driving, the engine oil pressure will drop down and then the light will come on. It is recommended to check it when you reach a safe place.

For a serious problem, it’s best to get the indicator repaired at an authorized repair shop. The price may be within $100-$200.

What are the Causes of Oil Light Coming On and Off?

Repeatedly on and off of light can cause several causes. Some people think it’s only because of the low oil level. But, it’s not true. Here are the common reason that helps you to identify the reason quickly:

1) Bad connection: The first and foremost reason is bad connection. This is a common problem that can be fixed easily. The first thing to do is to check all electrical connections. Make sure they are clean and tight. Still the light comes on and off? Then you should consider having an expert inspect your car. 60% of chances to fix this issue by checking the connection.

2) Dirty or contaminated oil: The dirty or contaminated oil is another reason. Some fuel stations put too much water in the fuel. So it can cause dirty or contaminated oil. To avoid this problem, you should always buy fuel from a reliable station. Besides, you should check your oil level regularly.

3) Faulty oil pressure switch: Are you irregular in servicing and maintenance of your vehicle? This can cause the faulty oil pressure switch. Due to faulty switches , the indicator may become off and on repeatedly. You should always check your car’s manual to see how often you should service it.

4) Faulty oil pump: If your oil pump is malfunctioning, the indicator light might flicker. After a lot of hard work and long drive, the oil pump may become weak. In this case, it causes the light to flicker. If you can solve this problem, then the flicking may stop.

5) Sensor problem: Last but not least, the oil pressure sensor ford f150 is another reason for oil pressure light coming on and off frequently. The sensor keeps track of all the components and their conditions in your car. If it fails to do so, this can cause your indicator to come on and off again and again.

Additional Causes:

6) Low oil level: Though it’s not a problem, you should check the oil level and change it if needed. If your car has a low oil level, it may cause the indicator to flicker frequently.

How to Reset the Ford F150 Oil Change Light?

Resetting can depend on the type of cause. If the indicator is fully damaged or broken then it’s important to replace it quickly. On the other hand, if your indicator has a loose connection or is putting contaminated oil then it can be solved in other ways.

Here is some tips to reset the light:

1) Make sure the oil level isn’t low. If the oil level is low, then you should add some oil and check.

2) The next tip is not to put the contaminated oil in your engine. You should find a reliable oil station. Never put oil from the local repair shop.

3) Check the oil pump. Due to a broken or malfunctioning pump it can cause frequent flicking. You can change your oil pump, if you have major problems. You can get an oil pump from amazon.

4) Try to keep your car in regular maintenance.

All the tips will help you to fix it quickly and smoothly. Don’t go to the repair shop first. First learn then decide.


Why does my ford f150 oil light come on randomly?

If your ford f150 oil light comes on randomly, it could be a sign of a problem in the engine or transmission. It’s also possible that your oil light is a sign of an issue with your vehicle’s oil pump, loose connection or sensor problem.

How do you check an oil light?

There are two ways to check the oil light of your Ford F150. You can either call your local dealership, or you can just take a look at it yourself. The first thing you should do is turn the engine on and run it for about ten seconds. If it is not flicking randomly then it seems ok.

How do you fix a flickering oil light?

You can fix a flickering oil light by showing an expert or doing it yourself. You can check the loose connection, faulty oil pump or contaminated oil. Sometimes it happens due to low oil levels. It’s not a serious issue. All the problems can be solved without going to any repair shop.

What happens when the oil light flashes?

Oil light flashing can happen due to some reasons.  One of the low oil levels or loose connection.  If you have this problem, get it fixed quickly from a repair shop.  It can cost within $100.  If you have a low budget then check and fix it yourself.

Last Words

If you are a ford owner, then oil light flashing is a common thing for you. If the indicator is broken or damaged, replace it.

Before replacing, check whether there is any major damage or not. Sometimes it can be resolved normally.

If you haven’t replaced or fixed this problem before, it’s a good idea to get the job done at a repair shop. Otherwise you may damage any parts.

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