Fram vs. Mobil 1 Oil Filter – Who Wins the Battle?

When it comes to buying the best air filter for your marvelous car engine, Fram and Mobil 1 are the 2 names that come to your mind first. Both make high-quality oil filters, and their performance is outstanding. However, they have identical differences as well.

The most remarkable difference is the media filter pleats. Fram has 31 pleats, and Mobil 1 consists of 67 pleats. Also, the lifespan of Fram oil filters is less compared to the Mobil 1 oil filters.

It is crucial to learn their differences before making a buying decision. So, I discussed Fram vs. Mobil 1 oil filter in this brief guide.

fram vs mobil 1 oil filter

Fram vs. Mobil 1 Oil Filter – Comparison Chart

Before heading to the detailed comparison, let’s look at the key differences from the comparison chart below.

ParametersFramMobil 1
O-ringComes with small indentations and less strongComes with bigger indentations and strong enough to ensure required hold and fit
LouversLouvers are unavailable, has holesLouvers are found in the metal core
Inlet HolesBiggerSmaller
Media PleatsMetal crimp seal and has 31 pleatsA glute seam and has 67 pleats
Filtration Number (Micron)2030
Filtration EfficiencyUp to 99%Up to 99%
Weight (oz.)11.211.8
Base Plate Weight (oz.)3.96.4

What is Fram Car Oil Filter?

Similar to all other car oil filter functionality, Fram oil filters also keep the car engine clean from impurities like dust and dirt. Oil filters from Fram create a thin shielding layer, filtering engine-damaging microparticles from motor oil.

The best thing about Fram oil filters is they are compatible with bolt regular and synthetic oils. They have efficient filtration media to protect the engine.


  • Filters the tiniest impurities effectively
  • Helps your car engine to perform at its best
  • Increases the engine oil mileage
  • Defends the moving parts of the engine
  • Your car’s acceleration will improve by using Fram oil filters

What is Mobil 1 Car Oil Filter?

Regarding oil filtration, Mobil 1 is well known for its engine oil, but can it sustain this reputation?

Mobil 1 oil filters are designed keeping synthetic oil in mind. They are specially manufactured to increase the oil change intervals.

According to the manufacturer, Mobil 1 oil filters are expected to deliver roughly 15,000 km of service. More importantly, they barely show problems.


  • Provides guard up to 15,000 km to your car engine
  • Specifically designed for synthetic oil
  • They have synthetic fibers, outperforming other oil filters

Fram vs. Mobil 1 Oil Filter – In-depth Discussion of the Differences

Mobil 1 and Fram both claimed to offer 99% dirt removal efficiency. Here I shared the differences in detail. Read them carefully to make your buying decision precise.


Keep your oil where it belongs with O-rings. These oil filter components provide a leak-free seal and fit.

Fram oil filter O-rings have 4 threads. Moreover, they come with small indentations to fit. Unfortunately, Fram O-rings are not strong enough to fit and hold. They fall apart or become sloppy after installation.

While Mobil 1 oil filters O-rings have bigger indentations; thus, they hold and fit pretty accurately. For this reason, they provide many km or miles of efficient service.


Fram has an inner metal core inside with 8 oval holes as well as perforations. Meanwhile, 8 inlet holes are also available on a silicone drain valve of Mobil 1 oil filters. But they feature metal cores and louvers.


Fram filters weigh 11.2 oz., which is pretty light compared to the Mobil filter’s 11.8 oz. of weight. However, weight doesn’t impact the performance of an oil filter.

Base Plate Weight

The oil filter’s base plate of Mobil is thicker. In addition, they have extra threads. As a result, Mobil base plates are heavier with 6.4 oz. of weight. But 3.9 oz. is the weight of the Fram base plate.

Also, Mobil has a bigger silicone drain valve inside, making its design exceptional from Fram.


The range for the bypass is 16 – 28. In order to prevent collapse, the design is basically a circle.

Mobil bypass is also designed round, and Fram also has the same, but they have a bit beefier or a higher one. This way, Farm might collapse later than Mobil.

Media Filter Pleats

Mobil has a glute seam featuring 67 pleats and blended synthetic media. On the other hand, Fram has 31 pleats with crimp metal seam, and the media filter is a cellulose synthetic combo.

While comparing the pleated media filters of Fram oil filter vs. Mobil 1, you will find that Mobil is designed with more pleats, whereas Fram pleats are beefier and larger. In this case, Mobil covers a wide range of lengths. Moreover, it is supported by wire.

I measured the pleats. The Farm measures 36” long, and Mobil measures 51” long. In the case of Farm, the pleats have wire backing. It means they have a shorter length.

Number of Filtration

In Fram, less than 20 micron is the filtration number. In contrast, Mobil’s filtration numbers are down to 30 microns.

Consequently, oil filtration is better in Fram than in Mobil.

Exterior and Cost

You will see a tag on Fram oil filters. But Mobil oil filters don’t have anything. Instead, Mobil bottles are painted.

Fram oil filters will cost you $10.97. In comparison, $9.97 is the price of Mobil 1.

Fram Oil Filters vs. Mobil – Which one to Buy?

So, now you know the differences, and it is time to make a decision. Let me help you in such a situation.

Buy Fram oil filters if,

  • Oil filtration efficiency is your priority

Buy Mobil 1 oil filters if,

  • You want long-lasting support at an affordable price


Are Mobil 1 oil filters worth it?

Mobil 1 filters are undoubtedly excellent because they filter 99% of impurities from engine oil. Also, manufacturers claimed that Mobil 1 filters last for at least 15,000 miles or 12 months (whichever comes first). All in all, it is long-lasting and comes with an efficient filtration system.

Are Fram filters good?

Definitely, you can’t raise questions about the Fram filter quality. They have a filtration number of fewer than 20 microns, and filtration efficiency is 99%, making them one of the best oil filters in the market.

Who makes Mobil 1 filters?

Champions Laboratories are the manufacturer of Mobil 1 filters. This company is one of the best manufacturers of oil filters in the industry for maintaining the highest-quality assurance programs.

What is the longevity of Mobil 1 filters?

Mobil 1 filter longevity is at least 1 year under normal conditions. It is impressively designed to deliver long-lasting performance. Car owners prefer using it as they go for prolonged periods between oil change intervals. More importantly, it doesn’t get jammed quickly for the synthetic fiber blend media.

How do Fram filters compare to others?

Firm filters are efficient and strategically designed to trap engine oil impurities. These are designed with synthetic micro gloss material, silicone-made anti-drain back valves, and feature a thick shell. Thus, they are incredibly durable. At the same time, these filters withstand excessive pressure and temperature efficiently. Also, it filters tiny particles more efficiently than other brands.

Last Lines

In fact, there is no clear winner in the battle of Fram vs. Mobil 1 oil filter. Both offer efficient oil filtration and great performance in different situations.

Oil filters have an unarguably significant impact on car engine performance. So, you mustn’t overlook this component for its simple appearance. Whatever model you choose between Fram and Mobil, the performance is worth every penny.  

Consider keeping every aspect discussed above when selecting an oil filter for your eye-catchy car.

Dan Jones is a car enthusiast and has been involved in the automotive industry for the last 10 years. He has a practical knowledge of vehicles and vehicle parts. Besides, he spends most of his time in the garage and deals with various car problems.