What is the 2019 Ford F250 6.7 Oil Capacity?

Are you changing the 2019 Ford 250 6.7 engine oil for the first time? Then it is incredibly important to know the 2019 Ford F250 6.7 Oil Capacity. Too much or too little oil can damage your engine.

According to the 2019 Ford F250 user manual, its oil capacity is 13 qt. Also, using 10W-30 oil during normal usage and driving would be best. While 5W-40 is the recommended oil for driving in colder climates and heavier towing.

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2019 ford f250 6.7 oil capacity

What is the 2019 Ford F250 6.7 Oil Capacity?

The correct type and capacity of the engine oil play a vital role in engine operation. In fact, the car engine lubrication system can be compared to the human circulatory system. The right oil type guarantees the engine’s longevity and prevents unwanted consequences.

So, putting the right amount of oil in your vehicle’s engine is essential.

When changing car engine oil, follow the manufacturer’s recommendation of 13 qt. Selecting the correct oil viscosity rating is also vital for the engine’s optimum performance. Remember that this oil capacity is with an oil filter.

For light-duty commuting, hauling, or towing, 10W-30 motor oil is the best choice. Whereas, if you need to do a lot of hauling or towing, frequently driving in low temperatures, go with 5W-40 oil.

Deciding on the viscosity rating according to the temperature and job in your hand is vital. Thus, your car engine will perform at its best.

In addition, Motorcraft is the recommended brand by Ford, and buy the Motorcraft Motor Oils XO10305QSD for your 2019 Ford F250 6.7.

On the other hand, buying Ford Genuine XO-5W40-5QSDFull Synthetic Motor Oil will be ideal in the colder season.

Too Much or Too Little – What Does It Mean?

As stated earlier, too little or too much oil can adversely affect the engine’s performance and longevity.

Generally, the engine needs additional work when towing heavy loads or under low temperatures. In the case of lower oil levels, engine parts remain less lubricated. When the engine operates in such conditions for prolonged hours, individual components may be severely damaged.

On the other hand, you might wonder why too much oil is bad for car engines. Well, it creates a harmful impact on valve cover gaskets. Car engines get heated quickly and create excessive pressure. High heat and pressure ruin the sealing component quickly. Moreover, too much oil is responsible for extreme fuel consumption.

Why is Oil Viscosity Rating Important?

Sadly, new Ford owners forget to consider the oil viscosity. In reality, it matters most.

Oil viscosity is measured in terms of weight, giving you an idea of how thin or thick the oil is. More viscous oil means higher weight, while thinner oil weighs less.

Thinner oils are best for vehicles running at a lower temperature. In comparison, buy thicker oil if you constantly drive cars at warmer temperatures.

You need to decide on the viscosity rating based on 2 factors: driving habits and the car owner’s living area temperature.

For instance, while towing heavy loads, the engine will get hotter. Additionally, the oil will get thin if the climate temperature is high.

In this case, pouring thicker oil will help you lessen the thinning effect of excessive heat and pressure. Simultaneously, your car engine will run smoothly.

Meanwhile, by using thinner oil, you are helping your car engine to start without difficulty in the cold temperature.

What is the Oil Type Recommended for the 2019 Ford F250 6.7?

Ford recommends synthetic oil for the 2019 Ford F250 6.7. Synthetic oil offers several benefits. This oil type helps your engine run smoothly by keeping it cool.

More importantly, synthetic oil is the best choice for cold temperatures for its better flowing rate. Also, they don’t break down in hot temperatures. It means synthetic oil is ideal for both colder and warmer temperatures. Besides, they last longer than conventional oils, dramatically minimizing oil change intervals.

However, don’t think that using conventional oil is prohibited. Conventional oils can also be used, but you will not get as few benefits as you would with synthetic motor oil. One thing to keep in mind if you decide to use conventional oil, check the oil level often. Also, frequent change is necessary.

When to Change the 2019 Ford F250 6.7 Engine Oil?

As per the 2019 Ford F250 6.7 owner’s manual, change the oil every 5,000 miles or 6 months.

An oil change indicator system is available that notifies you when it is time to replace the oil. Remember, don’t keep the oil in your engine for more than 10,000 miles or a year.

Moreover, a few mandatory tasks need to be performed when changing the oil. They are,

  • Wheel inspection
  • Tire rotation
  • Inspecting and lubricating U-joints

These maintenances will extend the life span of the 2019 Ford F250 6.7.


Is 10W-30 good for 2019 F250 6.7 engine?

10W-30 is a decent high-mileage oil. You will experience less fuel consumption. At the same time, it resists regular wear and tear efficiently. Also, by keeping the engine parts well-lubricated, it reduces metal-to-metal friction. It also reduces deposits and sludge build-up and prevents oil leaks effectively.

What should be the oil checking interval?

The straightforward answer is, as required. If you drive the car a lot, check the oil level once in a few days. Besides, if you notice excessive and unusual fuel consumption, check every day without fail. Depending on the oil level, change or refill oil.

What is the engine oil capacity of the 2019 6.7L 8-stroke diesel turbo?

The 2019 6.7L 8-stroke diesel turbo needs 13 qt. or 12.3 liters of synthetic oil. Interestingly, you can choose an oil with a viscosity rating of 0W-40, 5W-40, 10W-30, and 15W-40 based on your living area temperature and driving habit.

Why is maintaining suitable oil capacity is crucial?

Refilling your car engine to its correct oil capacity is significant. Low oil levels can’t lubricate the engine’s moving parts, causing frequent wear and tear. In contrast, a high oil level will increase fuel consumption, letting you spend more money on the oil change.

Final Thought

I believe now you know the 2019 Ford F 250 6.7 oil capacity and refill according to its requirement, not more or not less. If you are unclear about the oil capacity and refill the engine without knowing it, your car might be in danger on the road.

You must keep a close eye on the level of the engine oil. Also, don’t neglect the on-time oil change procedure to avoid expensive repairs. By guaranteeing good engine care, you will surely get long-time service.

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