Is STP Oil Good – Myth is Revealed

STP engine oil is a globally popular synthetic oil among car owners. There is a myth that this brand’s motor oil offers many benefits to vehicles. As a result, there is still confusion among car owners, and they wonder, “is STP oil good?”

Well, STP oil is truly beneficial for older cars with 4-cycle engines when mixed properly with synthetic oil or conventional oil. It minimizes oil consumption and resists rust, engine wear, and tear effectively. In fact, it delivers the same result that other premium-quality oil offers.

This comprehensive guide will reveal whether the STP oil is good. Keep on reading.

is stp oil good

What Does STP Oil Mean?

The full form of STP oil is – Scientifically Treated Petroleum. It means STP oil is an innovative and advanced technology in the automotive industry. The word STP is an American brand name renowned for manufacturing automotive aftermarket products like additives, engine oils, and other lubricants. STP oil has maintained higher standards since its inception.

In October 1954, at the lab of the Armored Auto Group, 3 successful businessmen, Robert De Hart, Jim Hill, and Charles Dwight Logger, invented the STP oil in St. Joseph, Missouri. Later in 1961, the Studebaker-Packard Corporation owned the company.

Usually, engine oil loses additives when it is used for a long time. In that case, due to the lack of important additives, the wear and tear of car engines increases. Then a car owner will experience high fuel consumption, oil deposits, rust, corrosion, engine overheating, and other engine-related problems.

Engine oils are formulated to accomplish several critical functionalities such as,

  • Keeping the engine parts cool
  • Resisting rust and corrosion from building up in the engine components
  • Creating a thicker layer between the components of the engine so that they can move smoothly

STP oil is truly designed to perform the functionalities mentioned above. It reduces metal-to-metal contact, prolonging the engine life and improving the engine performance of older cars.

The engine gets hot when a vehicle runs for several hours without a break. In such cases, STP oil comes in handy. It protects the engine against heat by keeping it cool. Also, it ensures required lubrication in the critical properties, allowing the engine to run for several miles until the next oil change.

Is STP Oil Good?

As per experts, STP oil is specifically good for older engines. However, the performance may not be the same as premium-quality oils, but it will provide at least 5,000 – 7,000 miles of service between oil changes.

Here are a few prominent benefits of STP oil.

Treats and Removes Soot

Generally, engine parts produce soot over time due to the friction between them. In this case, STP oil is beneficial as it helps treat and remove soot completely. Thus, the soot doesn’t affect the spark plugs and injectors.

Also, deposits buildup in the piston after a long engine operation. The buildup reduced engine performance. At the same time, cutting off the power output and motor compression also happens because of it. Happily, STP is formulated to keep the piston clean by limiting the piston deposits.

Moreover, engine efficiency gets increased because of STP oil. The reason is that STP oil helps the fuel to be supplied according to the standard, letting the car engine perform more sustainably.  

Improves Car Engine Performance

Strong and efficient operation of the car engine is confirmed when STP oil is used. It is because gasoline and air additives are burned inside the combustion chamber.

Saves Gasoline

STP helps save fuel. This oil works perfectly in certain conditions. Your car engine will run more steadily with a large capacity. Gasoline’s high heat gets heated up constantly. Then it gets blended into the combustion air fully inside the combustion chamber.

Other undeniable benefits are,

  • STP oil resists corrosion and coloration
  • It lets oil control lubricating for an extended period to keep the engine clean until the next oil change. In a nutshell, it promotes long oil intervals.
  • The oil guarantees efficient performance of the engine in both cold and hot temperature
  • It lowers the number of visits to the mechanic shop by minimizing engine-related complications.
  • STP oil provides engine protection by keeping it oil during long drives
  • Protects engine wear and tear with its high viscosity formula. It creates a thicker oil film between the engine’s moving parts, increasing the lifespan of an engine.
  • It is a good choice for 4-cycle petrol engines such as cars, trucks and other vehicles.
  • The oil keeps crucial components like turbochargers clean.

If you are looking for an STP oil, I recommend buying STP 65148 oil treatment. This is a scientifically engineered oil for synthetic or conventional oils. It features a high-viscosity formula, making it suitable for SUVs, light trucks, cars, etc. This oil treatment is specially optimized for 4-stroke engines.

What are the Drawbacks of STP Oil?

STP oil has several proven benefits. However, it has a few drawbacks as well. Many automotive experts stated that the abusive use of STP oil could damage your engine. A few limitations of this oil are,

As stated earlier, this oil is completely good for old cars. I don’t recommend this for a brand-new car.

  • It is an expensive option compared to conventional motor oils.
  • Unsuitable for high mileage engines if it is 8000+ miles.
  • Not an ideal choice to be used in SAP oil


Who makes STP motor oil?

The current owner of STP oil is Engineer Holding. Earlier, STP oil was exclusively manufactured by Armored Auto Group. This group was run by 3 renowned businessmen, Hart, Hill, and Logger. Most riders claimed that STP oil prevents the leak of the oil and minimizes metal-to-metal friction.

Is STP oil good for high mileage?

As per several riders, the service period of STP oil is 6000 – 8000 miles without an oil change. Some riders stated that it could go at least 25,000 miles.

Is STP oil treatment good for your vehicle?

Undoubtedly, STP oil treatment is good for your vehicle. It offers the below benefits,
1. Protects engine from regular wear and tear
2. Resists rust and corrosion, coloration effectively
3. Creates a thick layer between engine components to prevent friction
4. Ensures necessary lubrication in the engine parts
5. Saves fuel cost

Is STP oil good for 2-cycle engines?

STP oil is bad for 2-cycle engines. The reason is that this oil type is not examined on 2-cycle engines. Hence, they are disallowed to be used in the engine of 2-cycles.

Last Notes

Hopefully, now you know the answer to the question “is STP oil good” after reading this comprehensive guide.

Overall, STP oil receives good reviews from its customers. They stated that this oil makes their car smooth and continued using STP oil several times. Many STP users drive their cars for 6000 – 8000 miles without an oil change. So, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of STP oil.

However, I suggest you consult your car manufacturer before using STP oil. Proper STP oil is a must to get the best performance from it.

Dan Jones is a car enthusiast and has been involved in the automotive industry for the last 10 years. He has a practical knowledge of vehicles and vehicle parts. Besides, he spends most of his time in the garage and deals with various car problems.