Who are the Top High Zinc Motor Oil Brands – 12 Names Discussed

Older vehicle engines require high zinc-based motor oil, decreasing engine pressure generated by heat and metal friction. The reason is that synthetic oil is not good enough to provide the required protection to old engines.

As a result, finding high zinc motor oil brands is not an easy fish to fry. The good news is that I researched the market and found the best oil brands with zinc additives. Valvoline, Lunati, Driven, Castrol, Lucas, Amsoil, etc. are some of the reliable brands manufacturing zinc oil for many years. With their oil, you can remain worry-free regarding sludge buildup.

Continue reading this comprehensive guide to finding the ideal zinc additive oil for your classic car.

high zinc motor oil brands

What is High Zinc Motor Oil?

High zinc motor oil consists of zinc additives, preventing metal friction and sludge buildup in the engine parts. Many older car owners prefer zinc-based motor oil for its effective performance.

This motor oil type is beneficial for cars that are frequently under stress to

  • Change in the temperature
  • Severe road conditions
  • High-speed driving

And other stressing factors. Zinc additives offer high resistance against heat and oxidation, assisting old car engines in providing long-lasting and efficient performance.

The prime responsibility of zinc-based motor oil is to create a protective film and reduce metal-to-metal friction between engine parts. It is sometimes used in high-performing motor and off-road vehicles for its efficient performance. Simultaneously, it is mostly used in older vehicles.

Who are the Top High Zinc Motor Oil Brands?

The below-listed high zinc motor oil brands are popular in the automotive industry. Their manufactured zinc oils are efficient in preventing the wear and tear of old engines.

1. Valvoline

Valvoline is an unbeatable zinc motor oil brand. It has manufactured premium branded lubricants for all types of vehicles since its inception in 1866. The manufacturer offers heavy-duty oil, automatic transmission oil, gear and grease oil, motor oil, etc. Many car owners depend on this brand as engine lubricating performance is superior to Valvoline’s zinc motor oil.

Zinc and phosphorus additives are high in all Valvoline 20W-50 and 10W-30 motor oil. Thus, these oils are suitable for racing cars, off-road vehicles, flat tappet engines, and all high-performance vehicles. I recommend the Valvoline VR1 Racing High Zinc Motor Oil.

2. Lunati

Lunati zinc motor oils guarantee the optimum performance of old vehicle engines. The zinc level of this brand’s oil ensures 100% protection against wear, especially when you drive the car for extended periods. Moreover, their zinc oil comes with high index viscosity, increasing film strength when driving the car at high temperatures.

3. Driven

The racing car’s performance will be optimum with Driven brand’s zinc motor oil. This is one of the leading brands in the market, offering excellent sealing capability. More importantly, along with the zinc formula, it has start-up protection additives, removing sludge from old cars and racing car engines. At the same time, zinc additives eliminate harmful emissions responsible for environmental pollution.

4. Lucas

The motto of Lucas brand is – Keep Car Engine Alive! Lucas brand is well-known for formulating the best line of additives and lubricants. This premium oil brand has a line of high-quality additives, greases, and oils, making it unique in the industry. The thicker and tougher oil film effectively sticks in different moving parts of the engine, extending the shelf life of the vehicle.

5. Shell X-100

Shell X-100 formulates zinc motor oil, especially for the collector and classic engines. With a high zinc level, the motor oils contain high dispersant and detergent levels. Zinc additives eliminate deposits and dirt from different moving parts of the engine. Even harmful emissions are reduced when you pour Shell X-100 into your old car engine. This means Shell X-100 manufactures environment-friendly zinc motor oil.

6. Royal Purple

Another top-quality zinc motor oil brand is Royal Purple. They manufacture synthetic lubricants, high-grade additives, and gear oil for high-performance vehicles and passenger cars. The oil offers significant protection from sludge, wear and deposits. Adding any chemical additives is unnecessary since Royal Purple’s zinc oil is formulated with a 10W-30 viscosity rating.

7. Amsoil

Amsoil zinc motor oils withstand the challenges of vehicle counters efficiently. Most car owners prefer Amsoil over other brands for its extraordinary service. Due to the phosphorus and zinc anti-wear additives, sludge and other contaminants can’t harm the old car engine parts named rockers, lifters, cam lobes, etc. This way, your engine’s shelf life gets maximized.  

8. Castrol

A reliable name in the automotive industry for manufacturing zinc motor oil for old engines. You can trust this brand without hesitation. Castrol’s zinc oils are basically heat-activated. For this reason, a classic car engine is protected from deposits and dirt buildup. The oi sticks in every part of the engine and creates a protective film to resist sludge. After pouring Castrol zinc-based motor oil, you will experience the optimal performance from your car engine.

9. Redline

From its inception in 1979, it continued manufacturing high-grade oils for all types of vehicles. The most amazing thing is; that the brand has 100+ premium-quality products in its line, including greases, motor oils, oil additives, gear oil, etc. Their zinc-based motor oil delivers excellent lubrication and incredible wear protection by minimizing the friction of the engine’s internal parts.

10. Champion

Like the manufacturer’s name “Champion”, this brand is a true champion in formulating zinc-based motor oil. The oil from Champion has zinc contents that minimize harmful environmental emissions, keeping the environment pollution-free. Moreover, zinc oils of this brand maximize old car or racing car engine performance by cleaning the moving parts perfectly.

11. Maxima

Maxima formulates zinc-based motor oil specifically for racing cars. Its oil excellently handles high temperature and ensures proper lubrication of the moving parts. Interestingly, they blend zinc formula with pure and refined base stocks to give the highest protection from extreme pressure. Moreover, gun and carbon formulation also gets reduced to increase engine performance.

12. Triax

Are you looking for an oil offering high shear resistance? Don’t look further; buy high zinc motor oil from the Triax brand. Triax zinc oils provide excellent stability and advanced control against deposits in high-temperature conditions. More importantly, their zinc oil is compatible with all types of engines.

What are the Benefits of High Zinc Motor Oil?

Pouring high zinc motor oil offers significant benefits, making it superior to other available oil types. Read below to learn its engine-related advantages.

  • Excellent Protection Over ZDDP: According to several tests, high zinc motor oils provide excellent protection compared to ZDDP oils. Protecting your engine from sludge, dirt, rust, and corrosion formation improves the shelf life of your vehicle engine.
  • Harm-free Engine: Unlike other oils, zinc motor oils will never harm your car engine catalytic converter. This oil type controls and reduces harmful emissions effectively to increase the engine service period.
  • Minimizes Cold Start: Initial start is a common problem of most car engines, especially in cold temperatures. In this case, zinc-based oils are beneficial as they reduce cold-start failure and help your car start the engine promptly, even in low temperatures.
  • Reduces Metal-to-Metal Friction: Car engines wear and tear faster when moving parts are improperly lubricated. High zinc oil ensures proper lubrication, reducing metal-to-metal friction and minimizing potential wear and tear.


Is high zinc oil good?

Yes, high zinc oil is absolutely good. This oil type offers extreme protection by providing required lubrication in the engine moving parts. Thus, the performance and longevity of your car engine improve. It also protects the engine from possible wear and tear.

What year do engines need zinc?

The V6 or V8 engine manufactured before 1988 requires zinc-based engine oil. It is because most car engines were designed before the 1980s featuring a camshaft that used flat tappets. These engine types specifically require high zinc motor oil.

Can you mix zinc in synthetic oil?

Zinc is compatible with all synthetic and traditional oils intended to be used for automotive use. All you need to do is add a small amount of zinc during the oil change. This will ensure additional protection to your vehicle engine for sure.

Is zinc good for small engines?

First, before using zinc-based oil on a small engine, you need to know that these engine types are less sturdy and more sensitive. Small engine catalytic converter can get damaged when zinc turns into ash. For this reason, I recommend not pouring high zinc motor oil into small engines.

Final Notes

Without high zinc motor oils, your old or high-performance vehicle will be unable to deliver the optimum performance on the road. Zinc additive prevents wear, sludge, rust, corrosion, and deposits buildup and minimizes extreme pressure from the engine. Thus, your car engine delivers many years of efficient service.

Hopefully, now you know the name of the top high zinc motor oil brands. You can buy zinc oil from any brands mentioned above because they have a reputation for formulating high-quality oils. These brands are reliable and trustworthy, and I can bet on them.

Dan Jones is a car enthusiast and has been involved in the automotive industry for the last 10 years. He has a practical knowledge of vehicles and vehicle parts. Besides, he spends most of his time in the garage and deals with various car problems.