What is the 2013 Ford Edge 3.5 Oil Capacity?

Correct oil is incredibly crucial for the peak performance of a 2013 Ford Edge 3.5. The engine’s vital components get well-lubricated and move the way they need to due to the motor oil. But ever wondered what is 2013 Ford Edge 3.5 oil capacity when changing the motor oil?

The oil capacity (imperial) of a 2013 Ford Edge 3.5 is 6 qt. The right amount of oil can impact your car engine performance. At the same time, your car’s overall health depends a lot on it.

Asking the oil capacity for a vehicle is not new for a DIYer who is planning to change the oil without visiting a mechanic shop. I will walk you through determining how much oil is required for a 2013 Ford Edge 3.5. 

2013 ford edge 3.5 oil capacity

How Much Oil Does My 2013 Ford Edge 3.5 Need?

The prime responsibility of motor oil is to keep the engine parts well-lubricated. Along with it, oil can keep your engine cool. If you put less oil in your Ford Edge, engine parts will start malfunctioning. Moreover, engine oil needs to be reached at those parts just after starting the engine to avoid engine damage. 

On the other hand, if you put excessive oil in your car engine, engine parts lubrication will not have adequately happened. 

That is why learning about the 2013 Ford Edge 3.5 oil capacity is vital. It is a 6-cycle engine. Generally, 6-stroke engines require 6 qt. of oil. I shared a chart below for your convenience.

EngineOil Capacity (Imperial)Oil Capacity (Imperial)Suggested Oil Viscosity Rating
2013 Ford Edge 3.5 6-stroke Engine6 qt.5.68 qt.5W-20

Important Note: 

  • A smaller engine needs less oil. 

What Type of Oil Should I Choose for my 2013 Ford Edge 3.5?

Ford recommends using synthetic oil with a viscosity rating of 5W-20 in your 2013 Ford Edge 3.5. This oil type is formulated from crude oil, and its refining process is more thorough than conventional oil.

It offers the below benefits to the Ford Edge,

  • Synthetic oil consists of consistent-sized molecules, protecting the engine from regular wear and tear.
  • This oil type is chemically stable, resisting oxidation of engine parts and retaining its protective properties for many days.
  • It is formulated with premium detergents and additives, keeping the engine clean.
  • Synthetic oil doesn’t degrade quickly and provides better protection in extreme temperatures compared to conventional oil.

If you are looking for the best engine oil for Ford Edge, buy the Motorcraft XO5W205Q3SP SAE 5W-20 motor oil. This motor oil is designed with the professional in mind. It is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Thus, it helps your engine to perform at its best regardless of the temperature. 

Why is Engine Oil Maintenance Important?

Oil maintenance is an important aspect of getting prolonged performance from your car. A periodic oil change will ensure smooth running and optimal performance of your 2013 Ford Edge 3.5. Here are a few reasons why engine oil maintenance is essential.

1. Protects Engine from Corrosion

Car engines are highly vulnerable to corrosion because of natural components, and the 2013 Ford Edge 3.5 is also no exception. Engine oil creates a thin layer between the moving parts, preventing moisture attack. Simultaneously, it blocks dust, dirt, deposits, and sludge pretty effectively to improve the lifespan of your car engine.

2. Effectively Minimizes Wear and Tear

The 2013 Ford Edge 3.5 contains several different components. These parts move and rub each other when the car runs at high speed. Due to the continuous friction, regular wear and tear can happen to these parts. Engine oil minimizes metal-to-metal friction by ensuring proper lubrication. Thus, regular wear and tear can easily be minimized.

3. Keeps Engine Parts Cool

Metal-to-metal friction generates excessive heat in the moving parts of an engine. High heat can damage the engine parts quickly. If the engine oil level is low or improperly refilled, proper lubrication can’t happen. The correct oil level ensures less friction between the components and minimizes heat.

4. Confirms Debris-free Engine

Debris, dust, and deposits can easily build up through continuous rubbing and friction. If you don’t refill your engine with the correct capacity, dust can stick to different parts of the engine. Correct oil level removes those dust particles from the engine efficiently. Routine oil maintenance keeps the engine clean.  

5. Boosts Mileage

Due to the sludge, the engine forces its parts to produce enough power to start the car. Thus, an excessive amount of fuel burns. Required lubrication ensures smooth operation of the engine regardless of the temperature, extending engine lifespan and reducing fuel consumption.  

6. Minimizes Expensive Repairs

Engine damage is one of the frequent complications of every car. Since engine oil maintenance reduces regular wear and tear, you don’t have to visit a local mechanic shop frequently. As a result, there is less risk of expensive repairs. 


What kind of oil does the 2013 Ford Edge take?

The 2013 Ford Edge 3.5 takes synthetic oil, and the viscosity rating is 5W-20.

Does Ford require synthetic oil?

Yes, synthetic oil is best for Ford vehicles. This oil type reduces friction between the engine parts effectively and extends the lifespan.

What brand oil does Ford recommend?

Ford recommends using Motorcraft engine oil for their vehicles. Motorcraft motor oil offers the below benefits,
1. Reduces foaming
2. Minimizes engine deposits
3. Prevents low-temperature gelling
4. Less prone to degradation
5. Efficiently helps in driving tough conditions

Does synthetic oil clean the engine?

Yes, synthetic oil is much more efficient in cleaning engine parts. Thus, sludge and deposits can’t build up in the engine, guaranteeing optimal performance.

How to Find my 2013 Ford Edge 3.5 Oil Capacity?

You can learn the 2013 Ford Edge 3.5 oil capacity following the below process.

Owner’s Manual: Ford mentions the oil type for your 2013 Ford Edge 3.5 in the owner’s manual. Moreover, viscosity rating and intervals of an oil change are also mentioned. If you lost your owner’s manual, visit the Ford website, collect your vehicle’s manual and get the oil capacity.

Last Words

I believe now you know the 2013 Ford Edge 3.5 oil capacity. Your Ford vehicle will deliver superior performance when you refill your Ford engine following the suitable capacity.

At the same time, using the correct viscosity rating and the manufacturer-recommended oil type is mandatory. Otherwise, your vehicle will be unable to deliver the best performance. Moreover, your engine will show regular wear and tear, causing expensive repairs.

Dan Jones is a car enthusiast and has been involved in the automotive industry for the last 10 years. He has a practical knowledge of vehicles and vehicle parts. Besides, he spends most of his time in the garage and deals with various car problems.