What is the 2015 Duramax Oil Capacity?

The functionality of the engine incredibly depends on the motor oil. It is no exception for 2015 Duramax too. In order to get long-term service and smooth performance from your 2015 Duramax, learning about its oil capacity is crucial.

The 2015 Duramax comes with a number of variations, including LGH, LML, XLD25, XLD28, and LWN. They have different oil capacities.

Have questions regarding the 2015 Duramax oil capacity? I gathered the answer for you in a single place. Continue reading.

2015 duramax oil capacity

What is the 2015 Duramax Oil Capacity in Quarts?

Learning the engine oil capacity will let you get the most out of your car engine. Refilling the engine to its required capacity is vital when changing the old oil.

The 2015 Duramax has 5 different variants. Some engines have a similar oil capacity, and exceptions are also there.

Remember, oil capacity is different with or without the filter.

Here is the oil capacity chart of 2015 Duramax engines for your reference.

Duramax Engine ModelOil Capacity (qt.) with FilterOil Capacity (qt.) without Filter

Remember, the oil capacity of an engine increases significantly when an oil filter.

The Duramax LGH and LML models have a standard oil capacity of 9.2 qt. without filter. Moreover, LWN and XLD28 models have 5.5 qt. oil capacity when the filter is uninstalled. Furthermore, 4.8 qt. is the oil capacity of XLD25 models.

What is the 2015 Duramax Oil Capacity in Liters?

If you are unfamiliar with the qt. measurement, thus your life will be easier. I converted the oil capacity to Liter from Quart in the below chart.

The LGH and LML models have a similar oil capacity of 9.46 liters with a filter. In addition, the XLD25 model has 4.54 liters of oil capacity with a filter. Then, the LWN and XLD28 have the same 5.68 liters of oil capacity with a filter.

All models’ oil capacity increases when the filter is installed.

One important thing is, when you change the oil of your car engine, change the oil filter as well.

Duramax Engine VersionOil Capacity (liter) with FilterOil Capacity (liter) without Filter

What is the 2015 Duramax Oil Capacity in Gallons?

By now, you know that the 2015 Duramax has various models. The included models are LGH, LML, XLD25, XLD28, and LWN.

The MLM and LGH are like two peas in a pod with a filter of 2.5 gallons of oil capacity. In contrast, the maximum oil capacity of the XLD25 model is 1.2 gallons with a filter. Additionally, for XLD28 and LWN, 1.5 gallons is the maximum limit with the filter.

Duramax Engine ModelOil Capacity (qt.) with FilterOil Capacity (qt.) without Filter

What type of Oil Does a 2015 Duramax Take?

The manufacturer-recommended oil for 2015 Duramax is a synthetic oil with a viscosity rating of 5W-40.

This oil type is more stable, easy to filter, and less viscous than other motor oils. Your car engine will perform at its best at optimal temperature when you use the recommended oil.

5W-40 viscosity rating offers several benefits.

  • Less Viscosity: The viscosity of this oil type is less compared to other oils. As a result, it flows between the engine’s moving parts without trouble and ensures the required lubrication. Even it retains excellent flow under lower temperatures.
  • Improves Fuel Economy: 5W-40 contains more phosphorus and zinc additives than other oil types. Thus, the fuel economy of your car improves.
  • Ensures Better Starting: When the temperature is low, turning the engine oil is challenging. 5W-40 oil types ensure a better engine starting for its easy flow rate. This oil type is equally effective when the engine is running and hot.

If you are seeking the best oil for 2015 Duramax, go with the Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 5W-40 Diesel Engine oil. It decreases pollutant formation in the engine parts for instant soot while boosting the car engine performance.

When to Change the Oil of 2015 Duramax?

The 2015 Duramax oil change intervals significantly depend on the manufacturer’s suggested periodic maintenance schedule of your car.

For this, check the owner’s manual. However, the thumb rule is,

Change your 2015 Duramax engine oil every 5,000 – 10,000 miles. Moreover, the recommended oil filter change schedule is 7,500 miles or 6 months. 

What If I Don’t Change Motor Oil On-time?

If you don’t change the engine oil on time, you will experience severe problems in the car. They are,

  • Dirt and debris buildup in the oil filter
  • Engine parts will wear down frequently, leading you to expensive repairs
  • Your car engine valve cover gasket will blow out, leaking oil and increasing fuel economy
  • Engine performance will reduce dramatically
  • Permanent damage can happen if you don’t change the oil on the recommended time


Is 5W-40 synthetic oil suitable for Duramax?

Yes, the 5W-40 synthetic oil is good for Duramax indeed. It ensures sufficient wear and tear of the engine by preventing dirt, dust; deposits build up. Also, this oil type keeps the engine parts well-lubricated, extending the lifespan of your car engine.

Which oil is thicker, 5W-30 or 5W-40?

5W-30 is suitable for colder temperatures and can be poured on different vehicles. In contrast, 5W-40 is ideal for higher-mileage vehicles and different ranges of temperatures. However, whatever viscosity rating you choose, select according to your manufacturer’s recommendation.

How much oil does the 2015 Duramax LML take?

The 2015 Duramax LML takes 10 qt./9.46 liters/2.5 gallons of oil when the oil filter is added. On the other hand, without an oil filter, the oil capacity of the 2015 Duramax LML is 9.2 qt./8.71 liters/2.3 gallons. Here, when the filter is added, you will require more oil than without an oil filter.

What is the long-lasting Duramax engine?

The 2015 Duramax LML is a long-lasting engine. It is much more reliable on the road. At the same time, it is fuel-efficient, saving valuable money. It was used on the 2011 – 2016 models. You will love to know that this engine has 11% less fuel economy than other engines.

Final Thought

Being aware of the 2015 Duramax Oil capacity is mandatory. When changing or refilling motor oil, you must ensure that the oil level meets the required oil capacity. Or else your car engine may malfunction over time.

Your car will keep moving efficiently, taking support from the engine oil. It keeps your engine cool on the road and prevents unwanted damage. More importantly, your car engine will provide many years of efficient service with the right oil capacity and oil.

For this reason, you must follow the correct oil capacity of your car. Simultaneously, make sure to pour the right oil type according to the user’s manual. Proper care, on-time oil change, and correct oil capacity will help your engine to perform for many days.

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