What is the LML Duramax Oil Capacity?

Although Duramax engines are V8 engines, there are some inline-4S (I4) and even an inline-6 (I6). But regardless of engine size, they all are two peas in a pod, which requires the right oil level to run smoothly on the road. So, the question is, what is the LML Duramax oil capacity?

The oil capacity of LML Duramax is 9.2 qt. without filter and 10 qt. with filter. In order to keep the engine fit, this much oil is mandatory. 

To answer many other related questions, I crafted this comprehensive guide with essential details of the LML Duramax engine.

What is the LML Duramax Oil Capacity?

LML Duramax has an oil capacity of 9.2 qt.

Knowing that the value mentioned above is without an oil filter is crucial. Oil capacity and weight will change significantly when considering a new oil filter.

I have included a chart below to understand LML Duramax oil capacity in qt., lbs clearly., and gallon unit. Go through the chart carefully.

Engine CodeProduction YearOil Capacity (w/o filter) qt.Oil Capacity (w filter) qt.Oil Capacity (w/o filter) lbs.Oil Capacity (w filter) lbs.Oil Capacity (w/o filter) gallonOil Capacity (w filter) gallon
LML2011 – 20169.21017.318.82.32.5

The general rule is that you should always look at the user manual before changing oil to learn the capacity. When the oil filter is included, the capacity will always be 1 qt. + than the standard oil capacity.

lml duramax oil capacity

When to Change the Oil in LML Duramax?

As stated earlier, oil is crucial for engines to run smoothly. For this reason, it is significantly important to change the oil periodically.

I recommend you follow the LML Duramax maintenance schedule to change the oil and the oil filter.

Duramax suggested changing your LML engine oil when the message ‘CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON” is displayed. In addition, the manufacturer encourages users to change the engine oil once a year.

Generally, the LML Duramax oil change interval is 30,000 miles or 2 years (which one comes first).

How to Change LML Duramax Engine Oil?

Generally, the oil-changing procedure of most engines is pretty much the same. You can follow the below steps as a general guide. Also, remember that these steps can’t be a substitute for an actual professional oil change process.

Things You Will Need:

  • Jack stand (optional)
  • New oil
  • New oil filter
  • Oil pan
  • Dipstick

Step 01: If your vehicle doesn’t have much ground clearance, consider lifting it using a jack stand. This will help you work without trouble and with safety.

Step 02: Look for your car’s undertray. If available, remove it. Now, get an oil pan and place it under the oil drain plug directly. Open the plug and allow the old oil to drain.

Step 03: Let the old oil drain completely into the oil pan. You will find the oil filter near the drain plug; unscrew it slightly.

Step 04: Every oil filter comes with an O-ring (rubber gasket). Make sure to remove it as well while taking the oil filter off. The installation will be improper if you install the new oil filter with the old O-ring.

Step 05: Apply little oil around the new oil filter’s gasket by hand.

Step 06: Now, complete the new oil filter installation and close the drain plug snugly. Overtightening needs to be done according to the manufacturer’s specified torque.

Step 07: Next, the undertray needs to be reinstalled. If you used a jack stand, remove it and lower your vehicle to the ground.

Step 08: Then open the car’s hood. Locate the oil cap. It will be on top or near the valve cover of the engine. Unscrew it.

Step 09: Pour the new oil using a funnel to avoid spilling. Continue pouring until you reach the required oil capacity of your LML Duramax.

If you are unsure which oil to use, I suggest buying Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 Full synthetic oil. This oil provides triple protection against wear, deposits, and other harmful contaminants. Even it is much more efficient in offering protection in extreme operating temperatures. Shell Rotella T6 reaches critical engine parts faster for a quick start.

Step 10: Finally, place the cap back. Allow a few minutes to settle down the oil. Now, get a dipstick. Clean it with a soft cloth, insert it into the engine, and check the oil level for final confirmation.

Step 11: Once you are confirmed that the oil capacity is maintained according to the engine specification, start your car. Let the vehicle warm up. Also, check for oil leaks underneath the car.

What Happens if your LML Duramax is Filled with Too Much or Too Low Oil?

The straightforward answer is too much or too low – nothing is suitable for a car engine. It is no exception for LMP Duramax too.

In reality, LML Duramax can run with a quart-low oil level for a short period without significant complications. But too low an oil level will create problems during the engine’s start-up.

When an engine starts, the upper components, lifters, timing chain, cam, valves, and cam bearings, require adequate oil flow. In the case of low oil levels, these parts can’t be adequately lubricated. So, you will face difficulty in starting your LML Duramax.

On the other hand, too much oil also creates problems in the engine. Frequent engine damage is the prime error of too much oil. The pressure on the crankshaft increases due to the high oil level. Thus, oil enters the exhaust pipe and runs into the combustion chamber. Finally, the suction hose gets blocked with oil soot, possibly leading to engine overload.

So, it is clear that you must fill up the LML Duramax with the correct oil capacity, not more, not less.


Does LML Duramax use synthetic oil?

LML Duramax is well-matched with synthetic oils. These oil types stop frequent engine wear and tear. Also, sludge, deposits, and varnish buildup can easily be eliminated by using synthetic oil. In fact, synthetic oil provides superior protection to the engine against harmful contaminants such as acid in fuel, preventing rust and corrosion damage over time.

Can I run 5W40 in my Duramax?

Yes, 5W-40 is an ideal oil for Duramax in winter and summer. Although 15W is the conventional engine oil viscosity, GM recommends that this viscosity rating be used at lower temperatures under 0°F or -18°C for smooth running.

Is synthetic oil better for LML Duramax?

Synthetic oil offers several benefits over conventional oils.
1. The better flow rate in winter
2. Improves lubrication between critical parts
3. Protecting against the tiniest metal powders

How many gallons of oil does LML Duramax take?

The oil capacity in gallons varies based on the oil filter. Without an oil filter, LML Duramax takes 2.3 gallons of oil. Whereas 2.5 gallons is the oil capacity with the oil filter.

Last Words

Learning the LML Duramax oil capacity is a must. Otherwise, the engine may be filled with the wrong oil capacity, leading to premature engine damage.

A properly refilled engine will surely give you many miles of efficient performance. Nonetheless, periodic maintenance, like oil changes and oil filter replacement, is mandatory to boost the life expectancy of your car engine.

Don’t be late when you know about the oil change, as your car engine performance will be hampered when the oil change is not done periodically.

Dan Jones is a car enthusiast and has been involved in the automotive industry for the last 10 years. He has a practical knowledge of vehicles and vehicle parts. Besides, he spends most of his time in the garage and deals with various car problems.