Why is My 2007 Ford Edge Oil Light Comes on When stopped?

The 2007 Ford Edge oil light comes on when stopped is the most confusing thing for a Ford owner. Owners need to be worried when it happens and troubleshoot the problem.

However, the error arises from several causes, including oil engine oil, damaged engine, faulty oil pump, dirty oil filter, malfunctioned oil pressure gauge, and engine overheating.

Prompt action to this complication can help you save expensive repair costs. This is a detailed guide that discusses the reasons and solutions briefly.

Let’s jump right in.

What is Wrong with the 2007 Ford Edge Oil Light Comes on When stopped?

A car runs smoothly and efficiently with the help of oil. Frequent illumination of the oil lights in the dashboard lets you know that the car’s health is not good at all. When you experience the 2007 Ford Edge oil light coming on when idling, something is wrong.

The turned-on oil light indicates that the car’s oil level is not at the recommended level. As a result, lubrication of the engine moving parts doesn’t happen properly. Your 2007 Ford Edge engine will not operate efficiently due to insufficient lubrication. Even it can lead your car to irreparable damage.

It would always be best to identify and troubleshoot the problem by stopping the oil light.

The oil pressure warning light is a part of the 2007 Ford Edge onboard diagnostic system. Illuminating this light gives you an idea about what is going on with your vehicle.

As soon as you experience an engine light coming on, stop your car, turn the motor off, let it cool, and check the oil level.

If you see that the oil level is accurate and there is no problem with the oil pressure gauge, but the oil light still comes on, your car engine probably has a problem. The engine needs to be maintained without being late.

2007 ford edge oil light comes on when stopped

Why is My 2007 Ford Edge Oil Light Comes on When stopped?

As stated earlier, several reasons are responsible for the 2007 Ford Edge oil light coming on and off when stopped. Here is a detailed discussion of the causes.

Wear Down Engine

Crankshaft bearings and camshaft bearings are the tubes through which engine oil gets distributed throughout the 2007 Ford Edge engine.

Now, these engine components can become larger due to the damaged parts. As a result, the oil will flow without restrictions, causing oil pressure reduction. Finally, you will see flashing lights on the dashboard.

Dark Engine Oil

The periodic oil change is a recommended maintenance of every vehicle and is no exception for the 2007 Ford Edge. This ensures the proper function of your engine.

Over time, fresh or new oil gets dark, less viscous, and thicker. Thick and dirty oil can’t build pressure on the engine, causing the oil light to turn on.

Consider pouring new and fresh oil when the oil light comes on. It confirms that your engine parts are well-lubricated.

Malfunctioned Oil Pressure Gauge

Well, after seeing the turned-on oil light, don’t think that the problem is with the oil. The complication can be with the oil pressure sensor.

A damaged pressure gauge can provide an inaccurate reading. It probably happens due to an electrical system or wiring issue.

Clogged or Dirty Oil Filter

Oil filters keep the oil pressure steady. But oil filters get clogged and dirty over time. Thus, oil pressure becomes unstable.

An oil filter’s prime responsibility is to ensure that the oil pressure is not excessively high. Sadly, its functionality can malfunction when the oil filter builds up dirt, dust, and deposits.

It means unstable oil pressure lets the engine light turn on when idling. Remember to replace the oil filter with a new one during the oil change.

Engine Overheating

An overheated engine is not only causing the oil light to come on but also creating a problem for the driver to drive the car on the road. For engine overheating issues, the oil becomes thin, which stops the oil from building up pressure.

Defective Internal Components

Because of the defective internal components, the engine oil may start burning. This way, both the oil pressure and oil level will decrease.

If you notice bluish smoke from your 2007 Ford Edge tailpipe, be sure that the internal parts are damaged.

What to Do with the 2007 Ford Edge Oil Light Comes on When stopped?

The next question is, what is the solution to the 2007 Ford Edge oil light coming on when stopped? I shared the most effective action below.

1. Check the Motor Oil Level and Quality

For this technique, you will need a dipstick. Use it to check the engine oil level and oil quality.

In the case of a low oil level, pour more oil to the expected level. Whereas, for dirty or black oil, consider changing it.

2. Look for an Oil Leakage Sign

Are you experiencing high oil consumption in your 2007 Ford Edge? Oil lean can be the prime reason for it. Your vehicle may have internal or external leaks. Inspect the car thoroughly to find out oil leaks.

If you see oil drops under the vehicle, the oil filter is installed improperly, or the valve cover gasket has been damaged.

3. Visit a Mechanic Shop

When the oil light turns on, avoid driving your 2007 Ford Edge. Make an appointment with a professional mechanic for repairs. 


Can I drive for hours when the oil light comes on?

Your vehicle needs to be serviced when the oil light comes on without driving. But, driving a car with the oil light on for a short time will not cause severe damage. 

You can drive your 2007 Ford Edge maximum for 500 miles or 2 weeks with turned-on oil light. If you do more than this without prompt action, your engine will severely damage and cause costly repairs. 

What is the reason the oil light turns on after the oil change?

The wrong viscosity rating of the oil is the main reason the oil light turns on after the oil change. In this case, choosing the oil based on the manufacturer’s recommended viscosity rating is mandatory.

Is too much oil responsible for the oil light coming on?

It is now clear that low oil level is one of the common causes of oil light turning on. But will it also turn on when the oil level is too high?

The straightforward answer is, No. In fact, oil pressure is usually indicated by the oil light instead of the oil quantity. 

Can mismatched oil cause the oil light to come on?

Yes, definitely. Mismatched oil means using the wrong oil type and viscosity for your 2007 Ford Edge. Bad oil and improper viscosity rating will create low or high oil pressure. Hence, the wrong choice of oil can also lead to oil light turning on.

Last Words

The practical solution to the 2007 Ford Edge oil light comes on when stopped is to ensure periodic maintenance. 

You must change the oil according to the specified oil level and type.

However, if you still experience the same problem, consider checking the vehicle first to identify the potential reason. Based on the reasons, go for the solution. 

But if you are unsure and unconfident, consult and let a professional mechanic check your vehicle. Thus, expensive repairs can be avoided.

Dan Jones is a car enthusiast and has been involved in the automotive industry for the last 10 years. He has a practical knowledge of vehicles and vehicle parts. Besides, he spends most of his time in the garage and deals with various car problems.