How much is the Detroit Series 60 Oil Capacity?

Detroit Series 60 engines come in different types with different capacities, but which one is necessary for you? And how do you know how much oil is needed for the long road home in your truck? Are you also wondering how you should limit or expand the Detroit Series 60 oil change intervals to meet its full breadth?

It is common knowledge that Detroit will need refilling or changing once 15,000 miles because the capacity is 40 quarts per filter change which is a good amount. But the specs of lubricant choices and how-tos have got us questioning. So I am here to do the explaining with all the details of the Detroit Series 60 Oil Capacity. Read on to know more.

detroit 60 series oil capacity

The changes in Detroit Diesel Series 60

Detroit Series 60 has been in the industry since 1987. It’s as popular as it gets in the world of diesel engines. Buses and Freightliner trucks, we find, mainly prefer this engine a lot. Detroit Series 60 utilizes fuel efficiently and is the first to be entirely electronic for something robust and made to last.

So Detroit has several models as well, but there are three applications of the Series 60 which are 11.1L, 12.7L, and 14L. Of these two, you would bet that the smaller liters are more preeminent. 12.7L series 60 Detroit Engine oil capacity is low, but it worked to the point it was the most bought. But it has been left since 2007, so you only have two options now.

Detroit Series 60 14 liter oil capacity

14L is the largest of the Series 60 engines. Apart from this mass, it has also altered the design with the crankshaft much more extensive and horsepower more intensive.

Unfortunately, the 14L model is going to consume much more fuel than it did before as well. But it’s still good news since the engine displacement has increased. It works more proficiently now. And it went through multiple alterations and updates throughout the years to contend with the rules and emission rates, so it is up to modern standards as well.

Detroit has also shifted to ECU composition from ECM. Now, you have a more environmentally safe engine with less toxic emissions.

The Best Oil for Detroit Series 60

I have gathered from my knowledge that there should be as much as .85% ash restricted for Series 60 engines. I recommend Valvoline VR1 SAE Motor Oil to be perfect for driving countless miles in an even older engine that the OEM particularly mentions.

How to change the oil of your Detroit Series 60?

The Detroit Series 60 oil change is required to get your engine well-maintained. Do it regularly and find your car engine lasting ages. Since the Series 60 Detroit oil capacity is so enormous for an engine, maintenance is vital. For this work, you will need a drive ratchet half inches long with an oil filter wrench and some other tools. As for the Detroit Series 60 oil filter, the Baldwin B95 Heavy Duty filter and any engine oil having 40 to 44 quarts of capacity will be fine for you.

Here are the tools you will need for the operation:

  1. ½” drive ratchet
  2. Oil filter wrench
  3. Cornet
  4. Drain pan of 44-quart capacity
  5. 44-quart capacity Chute pan
  6. Towels

Down here, we got the process explained:

  1. First, park your vehicle levelly and evenly, and get a dipstick if you don’t have one yet to inspect the status of the engine oil.
  2. Next, take off the engine’s oil cap and slide the oil chute pan beneath the oil pan. There’s a plug attached which you have to maneuver out with the ratchet we suggested.
  3. When you have poured the oil out, reattach the drain plug and do it tight. Make sure Detroit 60 Series oil drain plug size fits the engine.
  4. To make arrangements for refilling, get the oil filter strap and take off the oil filters too.
  5. This is when we lubricate the O rings you see on the filter while pre-filling it as well.
  6. install the filters.
  7. You must supply the engine with exactly 40 quarts of oil, including the pre-filled amount.
  8. Reattach the oil cap.
  9. Fire the engine now, then wait for the pressure to rise in the oil
  10. Turn off the engine again and get the oil on the pan again. Simple as that.
  11. And yes, test the levels of the oil in the end again.


How much oil is in a semi-truck engine?

A semi-truck engine can retain about 15 gallons of oil, while other car engines can hold only 4-6 quarts. As for gas, you can expect your semi-truck to have 125 to 300 gallons of fuel.

When should a fuel filter be changed on a semi?

You will need to change your fuel filter from 10,000 to 15,000 miles. However, you can drive more than 100,000 miles if it’s a gasoline fuel filter before reaching for a change. You will need no more than two diesel fuel filters for your truck, that’s for sure.

What is the best oil for semi-truck engines?

You can find lubricants of several sorts, but artificial engine oil best maintains and prevents damage to a truck the best. AMSOIL sells multiple grades of Signature Series oils, and it can keep the trucks roaring for hours and fast.

What is the best Detroit 60 Series engine?

The 14L version in the Series 60 Detroit oil capacity is renowned for its effectiveness in potent activity. Horsepower goes beyond 500, and the weight is 1,650 pounds. It brings all the muscles in the house indeed.

Is the Detroit Series 60 a good engine?

Detroit Series 60 is known for its robust and rowdy engine in North America. It’s been in the game since 1992 and on the top. Diesel Power Magazine has ranked Detroit Diesel Series 60 second in their “Best Diesel Engine Ever” category.


I have seen many drivers confusing themselves with the Detroit Series 60 oil capacity issues, not understanding which quantity model is handled in which way that will put it right. Rookies also face the problem of changing the oil, which I just taught you about in this article.

So, the oil capacity on Detroit Series 60 is about 40 quarts after altering the filter, but it can exceed 47 quarts. As simple as the answer is, the Oil Liter size increase will create an increase in the following quarts as well.

If you still got any questions, let me know. My contact information is given below. Till then, you can check out my other articles!

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