How to Use FordPass Points for Oil Change – Get Great Service in Return

One of the age-old questions most Ford owners ask is how to use FordPass points for oil change. Ford recently introduced its loyalty program for those who love doing business with them. The program is called FordPass Rewards.

This program lets a Ford customer easily get free tires, oil change service, or service appointments. Without it, getting these services regularly is challenging.

If you are curious to learn more about FordPass Points, continue reading.

how to use fordpass points for oil change

What are FordPass Points?

Customer satisfaction is Ford’s top priority, and the company has shown love for its customers from its inception. For this reason, Ford built FordPass Rewards. This is a special loyalty program offering rewards for Ford owners. With assistance from this program, a Ford owner can take advantage of the service Ford offers.

Now, you might be wondering, what advantages can a Ford owner take? Here are the things a Ford owner can get using FordPass Rewards,

  • Free car repairs
  • Free oil changes
  • Discounts on new cars

Impressively, in order to sign up, owning a Ford vehicle is not mandatory.

How Many Ford Points are required for an Oil Change?

FordPass points are pretty similar to credit card points or airline miles. You will need a minimum of 11,000 FordPass points to get a free filter or oil change. These points can also be used for multipoint inspection and tire rotation. After buying a new Ford vehicle, a customer will receive 42,000 points.

Here, the below activities are necessary to ask for the points.

  • Buy any Ford vehicle from a nominated dealer
  • Activate the FordPass Connect modem
  • Next, after buying the vehicle, open an account in the FordPass Rewards within 60 days.
  • You will get 42,000 points instantly.

However, FordPass Reward can often take 30 days to give the points. In this case, contact customer support of Ford.

If you are looking for an answer to the question of how many points for a free oil change, see the chart below.

Vehicle NameMiles ServiceEngine TypeRequired Points
Ford (all model)7,500Gas11,000

If you spent $1 buying eligible products from a Ford dealer shop, you could earn 10 FordPass points. For example, during an oil change, if you pay $20, you will be awarded 200 points. To get the $ value amount, multiply the FordPass Rewards Points by 0.005. Let’s say the $ value of 42,000 FordPass Rewards Points is $210.

One important note is that the FordPass Reward Points for a free oil change can differ based on the location. For instance, California residents require 9,000 FordPass Reward Points to receive a free oil change.

How to Use FordPass Points for Oil Change – Step by Step Process

The use of FordPass points for an oil change is pretty straightforward. Follow the below steps for your convenience.

Step 01: Signing Up

The signup process is simple. Visit the FordPass app or website and provide the necessary information to create an account. After signing up, you will be enrolled in FordPass Rewards immediately. This account lets you take advantage of each offer given by Ford. As stated earlier, anyone can open an account, but points will be given to those who buy a new Ford car.

Step 02: Receiving the Points

After buying a new Ford car, you will be rewarded 42,000 points. Happily, these points are enough to cover the first 3 service appointments. In fact, whether you will save it or spend it depends on your personal preference.

If you spend $1 purchasing any parts for your Ford car, you will get 10 points / $1. You can also earn points by doing the below,

  • Getting your Ford vehicle serviced from a participating dealer
  • Accomplishing a digital brand experience
  • Using selected features of the FordPass app

Step 03: Claiming for Free Oil Change Service

The rewarded points can be used for several options, including oil changes, new tires, service appointments, and more. Interestingly, these points are applicable to getting a discount on a new Ford car also. Ford stated that, as long as the dealer is a participant in FordPass Rewards, the advantages offered by Ford can be taken using the collected points.

Why are my FordPass Rewards Points not displaying in my Account?

If your FordPass Rewards Points are not appearing in your account, make sure that the below points are confirmed,

  • You activated the FordPass Rewards Account within 60 days of purchase by visiting the official website or Smartphone app.
  • You are active in the account for 180 days after activating the account.

However, don’t worry if the answers are positive for the above factors. It is because the points may take a maximum of 30 days to appear in the account. Moreover, don’t forget to contact customer support when vice-versa happens.


How can I earn FordPass reward points?

You can earn FordPass Rewards Points doing the following,

1. Buying Motorcraft, Omnicraft or Ford parts
2. Participating in different activities offered by Ford
3. Buying a new Ford car

Remember that you need to join FordPass Rewards within 60 days of purchase to claim the points and rewards.

Do FordPass rewards points expire?

FordPass Rewards Points expire when the factors below are positive for 365 consecutive calendar days.

1. You don’t earn any points
2. Redeemed points
3. Completed a reward achieved through FordPass Rewards

What transactions do not qualify for Point Redemption?

Don’t assume that you can use FordPass Rewards Points for everything. The below transactions do not qualify for point redemption,

1. Buying non-Ford accessories or parts
2. Purchasing used Ford car
3. State inspections
4. Additional warranty contracts for non-Ford brands

How much money is 75,000 Ford points worth?

To get the $ value amount, multiply the FordPass Rewards Points by 0.005. So, here the calculation will be,
75,000 points X 0.005 = $375
Therefore, 75,000 Ford points worth is $375.

Final Words

Ford’s loyalty program is getting popular over time. This program is one of the finest methods to put a smile on the customer’s face.

Hopefully, by reading this comprehensive guide, you now know how to use FordPass Points for oil change.

Whether you want a service appointment or a new tire or oil change, FordPass Rewards Points is the best way to save valuable time, money, and effort.

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