How To Fix 5.7L Hemi Low Oil Pressure At Idle?

Motor oil plays a vital role in both old Hemi engines & modern engines. However, this oil can get thinner over time, causing low oil pressure at idle. There are more reasons why your 5.7L Hemi can face low oil pressure without any specific reason.

If you’re curious to know how to fix 5.7L Hemi motor low oil pressure at idle – sit back & read this article carefully. However, if you’re in a rush & want the answer as plain as possible, here it is: You can solve pretty much every low oil pressure issue by replacing the oil filter & oil.

5.7 hemi low oil pressure at idle

Low Oil Pressure on Hemi Engine: Basic Introduction

When the oil can’t produce enough pressure to circulate throughout the engine for lubricating the moving parts, it’s called a low oil pressure issue. This low oil power issue can be caused due to various reasons such as – low oil thickness, low oil level, bad oil sensor & so on.

Symptoms Of 5.7L Hemi Low Oil Pressure At Idle

By looking at the check engine light, you can’t just say your Hemi 5.7L has low oil pressure. Here are some other symptoms of having low oil pressure at idle aside from Check Engine Light.

  • Black Smoke Coming From The Exhaust.
  • Noisy Engine Performance.
  • Engine Being Too Hot.
  • Oil Is Becoming Too Thin.
  • Having Difficulties Starting & Running The Engine

If you see any (three or more) of these symptoms mentioned above, consider getting professional help to know if you really have a low oil pressure problem.

Top 8 Causes Of 5.7L Hemi Low Oil Pressure At Idle

Nothing happens without a reason/cause & the low oil pressure issue of 5.7L Hemi isn’t an exception. Several reasons are directly or indirectly involved with the low oil pressure issue. Here are some of them:

  1. Oil Level Has Gone Too Low.
  2. The Engine Has Become Too Hot.
  3. Oil Has Become Too Thin Due To Heat.
  4. Bad Oil Sensor That Gives Wrong Signal.
  5. Defective Gauge.
  6. Clogged or Defective Oil Filter.
  7. Stucked or Defective Regulator.
  8. Internal Leakage Issue.

These are some of the most frequent reasons for low oil pressure problems. If you are sincere enough & take necessary precautions ahead of time – you’ll be able to prevent unwanted low oil pressure issues.

How To Solve 5.7L Hemi Oil Pressure at Idle: Full Guide

Don’t panic even if you confirm low oil pressure at idle in your 5.7L Hemi engine, as there are numerous things you can do about it. In this segment, I’ll show you how you can try solving the low oil pressure issue on your own.

Note: I will attach a step-by-step tutorial video as well. This video will guide you more accurately compared to writings.

Things You’ll Need:

  1. Owner’s Manual
  2. Oil – According To Your Manual
  3. Oil Filter – According To Your Manual
  4. Jack Stand
  5. Oil Drain Pan
  6. Wrench & Socket
  7. Safety Equipment – Gloves & Goggles

After getting everything in hand, now follow these work steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Get Your Owner’s Manual.

Before doing anything with your car, get your owner’s manual first. This manual will help you understand which type of screws your drain plug has and what is needed to get the oil filter or sensor out.

That being said, get your owner’s manual first & proceed to the next steps. Contact your nearby dealership to know these screws or socket specification information if you can’t find anything online.

Step 2: Replace The Oil & Oil Filter

Replacing oil is an essential & unavoidable task for every car owner. One of the major problems owners face is getting a place where they can change oil legally. Aside from the legal place, this oil change costs a lot with some car brands such as – Porsche & Subaru.

To change oil, follow these procedures correctly:

  • Step 1: Raise the car with a jack stand.
  • Step 2: Place the oil drain pan under the oil drain plug.
  • Step 3: Unscrew the oil drain plug.
  • Step 4: After collecting all the oil, screw the oil drain plug again.
  • Step 5: Replace the oil filter.
  • Step 6: Refill the container with oil & you’re all set.

That’s how you can change/replace your oil & oil filter at a time. You shouldn’t skip the oil filter replacing part as the oil filter.

Step 3: Visit Your Nearest Auto Shop For Consultation

If you fail to diagnose the problem or cannot solve it, take it to the nearest auto shop for consultation. They will look for the problem & will suggest you fix it along with the budget.

That’s it. You can’t just diagnose every problem with your car & that’s why it’s okay to take your vehicle to the dealership or any auto shop for service.

Here’s the step by step tutorial video:

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How Do You Fix Low Oil Pressure At Idle?

You can do various things to fix low pressure at idle, namely – changing oil & oil filter, changing gauge, regulator and so on. You can also contact your nearby dealership for help.

Why is My Oil Pressure Low When Idle?

Your car’s oil pressure is low because it cannot create as much oil pressure as needed. This low-pressure situation can occur for many reasons, like – oil has become thinner, clogged gauge, defective regulator and so on.

How Do You Know If Your Oil Pump is Going Bad?

If the oil pump is bad or damaged, you’ll mainly hear unusual noises from the valve train. You may also notice your oil pressure is lower than before & it’s causing you low mileage per gallon. Besides everything, you’ll also notice the engine is becoming hotter than usual.


I hope this article was helpful enough in exploring the ins & outs of 5.7L Hemi low oil pressure at the idle situation. Now you know what causes this issue & how to fix this low oil pressure problem.

I suggest going DIY – Do It Yourself, if you’re capable enough. Otherwise, going to a professional mechanic or auto shop will also be an excellent option to cure this low oil pressure issue.

Dan Jones is a car enthusiast and has been involved in the automotive industry for the last 10 years. He has a practical knowledge of vehicles and vehicle parts. Besides, he spends most of his time in the garage and deals with various car problems.