How much is the DT466E Oil Capacity?

How much the DT466E Oil capacity is, relies on the model. We got oil capacity in two forms, A 28L or 30L oil capacity DT466E engine, which will require intervals for servicing and maintenance on the road. And you might ask, how much oil does DT466E hold anyway, actually? Servicing can include changing the oil and replacing the filter about every 15,000 miles for 30L models. For 28L versions, the changes in the miles will decrease by two thousand miles.

The confusions remain about the upgrades and changes to DT466E engine oil capacity. So let’s get on with the specifics, okay?

dt466e oil capacity

Behind the capacity of the DT466E

DT466E, short for Navistar International DT466E and also known as MaxxForce DT, can load onto medium-duty vehicles like trucks, lorries, and such. It has gained international traction( that also pays homage to its name) and has been applied in multiple ways.

DT466E, as an engine, has a design similar to industrial diesel, which is atypical for mid-range diesel engines. The inline diesel engine with six cylinders has a wet sleeve design, making it industrial. What I mean by damp sleeve is that the cylinder walls are adjacent to the engine coolant.

The adjacency helps with the cooling effect by making it efficient and durable. The cylinder divisions are steady and robust, unlike the general engines. You will lose some money and more maintenance effort and tools to make it efficient, but I gather it’s worth it.

DT466E has been around since 1994, although in different models. The differences in engine outputs have been pretty high due to the variety. Surprisingly, the capacity isn’t consumed as much on the DT466E for its heavy-duty torque and power. The standards in the DT models vary, yet international DT466E oil capacity has been brought through time and time again for its efficacy.

The Best Oil for DT466E engine:

There are a couple of great oils available for DT466E. However, we would recommend Rotella and Mobil 1 Delvac for suiting DT466E oil capacity the best.

Changing the Oil of DT466E engine

A DT466E oil change will help your machine to run smoothly and help keep the dregs from building inside the engine. If you don’t want the capacity to become a sludgy half-molten crusty layer in your engine, change it as much as possible.

It’s a top-tier maintenance habit that you can’t put off for later. But you don’t have to change it all the time obviously. You can go more than 500 hours for the DT466E oil change interval with the 28-liter engines, while the 30-liter DT466 versions will survive the journey for 550 hours smoothly. The mileage doesn’t concern the capacity. Only the hours do.

The parts for the engine changing you will need are engine oil and oil filter.

Devices to Change the Oil with:

  • 15 or 16 inches ratchet and socket
  • Oil filter spanner
  • Funnel
  • Grease flow dip of 30 to 40-quart capacity
  • Rag

The procedure for changing the oil on DT466E:

  • Heat your engine to activated temperature
  • Use a dipstick to measure the level of the engine oil on the oil fill cap
  • The 15 and 16 inches socket that you bought along with the ratchet will help seep the oil into the dip
  • Then use your spanner to detach the oil filter and clean the oil drain plug and the propping locations
  • Prefill the filter and reattach the oil drain plug. Make sure you have attached it tautly to the socket.
  • The engine must be filled with at least 28 quarts of engine oil. Use the funnel to fill, then reattach the cap as well.
  • Then reboot the engine to power the oil, and ensure no leakages occur during the run. Turn it off once more.
  • In the end, you test the oil levels once more with the DT466E oil pressure specs.


What does DT mean in DT466?

The D refers to Diesel in its organically aspirated version, while DT refers to Turbo Diesel. DT300 is more condensed than the more broad version of 400 and higher. Their middle ground is 3.875.

Is the DT466E a good engine?

DT466E, along with DT466 and MaxxForce DT, has quite a reputation as good as legendary. The engines mechanically work just like magic because they are so reliable. It’s not unusual for the engine to make it past the truck’s lifespan. They are also easy to use, so if you got an engine in mind, DT466E is just what you need.

What is the difference between DT466 and DT466E?

DT466E comes with a synchronized pump and one line highlighting the pressure point. At the same time, DT466 has a sectional pump with six boundaries separating it from the injectors. The ECU is missing, and the diagnostic connector is gone too.

The E in DT466E also defines the integrated Electronic Controls of the engine. This means this version is a technologically advanced model of the previous model, which was without the HEUI update. DT466 still holds a firm stance with robust mechanics.

What oil is best for semi trucks?

The best oil you can choose for semi trucks will always be artificial, either full or semi, especially for large and robust vehicles. Freightliner trucks will need 15W-40 as their selected lubricant due to its impressive compatibility with heavy-duty vehicles. There are many powerful lubricants, for instance, 5W40, 5W30, and 0W30.

What are the high hours for a diesel truck?

High hours refer to the average registered hours a diesel truck ran. Most of the time, the engine will have gone 10,000 miles in about 350 hours with a minimum of 300 hours.

Final Words

DT466E is the legend, or so they say. Truck drivers will often confuse the capacity. If you don’t know which oil to use, changing the oil won’t help your case. Reading this article might have erased all your perplexities by now.

The DT466E oil capacity mainly comes in two forms, 28 Litres, and 30 Litres. But the capacities vary according to the model. We hope you got your answer now. Till then, you can check out our other articles.

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